Backstage News on Opening Segment Involving Shane, Owens & Zayn

-- For what it's worth, the opening interview with Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Shane McMahon had nothing at all to do with Zayn and Owens being sent home. They did not go off script in any way and the only part of the interview that was actually edited was when Shane McMahon got flustered.

-- When Shane told the fans that Daniel Bryan would be back next week, the fans started booing which panicked Shane as he was confused why they were reacting in that manner. It then dawned on him that they were upset he wasn't there that night and he ended up saying it on the mic which was then all edited out by WWE's production staff.

-- With Owens and Zayn, they made mention of "men of honor" and there were some people who suggested that WWE was upset as it could be taken as a reference to "Ring of Honor" but that was not the case, especially since Smackdown last week being taped, there was plenty of time to edit anything the company didn't like right out of the segment.