WWE Rumors: AJ Styles' "Hulk Hogan" Reference, More on Jimmy Fallon and Raw 25

-- Last week, there was a story suggesting that much of Raw had to be re-written due to Jimmy Fallon arriving late to Raw. The original plan was for Fallon to have segments with the past GMs but because he was too late, WWE couldn't pre-tape those interactions and instead had the GMs come out and simply wave to the fans.

-- Some reports - citing WWE sources - indicate that rumor isn't true and that Raw undergoes several re-writes before the final show airs. While we can confirm that this is true - there are always modifications usually based on Vince McMahon's preferences - it does appear as if Fallon was indeed late and the person who broke this news originally is also standing by his initial report. Likely this is a case of WWE wanting this to stay a non-story and ultimately, it really isn't a big deal.

-- Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated reports that there is no truth to the rumor that AJ Styles received heat for his Raw 25 promo where he alluded to Hulk Hogan. While WWE is staying away from the Hulkster, Styles got prior approval to make his "brother" line since he was close to Hogan in TNA.