Nia Jax Takes a Shot at Rousey's Debut; Bischoff on Undertaker Negotiating with WCW

-- Eric Bischoff spoke to Pop Culture and touched on a popular internet rumor in the early 2000s that suggested that Undertaker - at one time - negotiated with WCW in order to gain leverage in contract talks with WWE. Bischoff went on record in this story to deny those, saying there wasn't even a single instance of a conversation between Taker and WCW:

    "There was never one syllable of conversation between anybody that mattered," he illustrated. "Maybe some of the lower level guys on the production, maybe some freelancers said, 'Wow, wouldn't it be cool if the Undertaker came over?'"

-- After Sasha Banks recently stated that she didn't have anything nice to say about Ronda Rousey's debut, you can add Nia Jax as another who didn't seem happy about the attention given to Rousey over the Royal Rumble competitors and winner:

-- Not only that, but the official Twitter account of Wendy's also took a shot at Rousey and the way her debut was scripted. When asked why they didn't enter the Royal Rumble, they responded with: