WWE Rumors: Shane McMahon Heel Turn, The Rock @ WM 34, Rey Mysterio

-- The following news and rumors are from Justin Barrasso's column at Sports Illustrated. We encourage you to take these with a grain of salt as Barrasso's reports haven't exactly panned out correctly over the last few weeks.

  • There will be a heel turn on the Daniel Bryan/Shane McMahon team and Barrasso predicts it will be Shane turning as a way to position Bryan as significant underdog against an authority figure.

  • As noted before, one of the ideas for the Rock at WrestleMania 34 was indeed to participate with Elias, Jeff Jarrett and some others in a concert type non-wrestling segment. However, according to this report, WWE was not able to get a firm commitment from the Rock and so the segment was scrapped.

  • Barrasso continues to push Rey Mysterio as Braun Strowman's mystery partner, but nobody else is reporting or suggesting this.