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Cody Rhodes on His Recent Twitter Issues with Disco Inferno
I regret hitting the ball back to Disco at all. Because I had no idea Disco was driving this narrative of guys working for Meltzer stars or whatever the hell he was talking about. If you follow my career Dave Meltzer does not rate me highly. I like Dave. I think he's a really nice guy... I think he does good by the sport... But for Disco to think I'm a Meltzer guy blew my mind. And I hit the damn ball back to him and I regret it so much... here we are getting ready for this huge match with Kenny Omega and I asked myself, ‘What the hell are you doing talking to Disco Inferno?’ What a mess.

Cody's Thoughts on ROH Supercard of Honor Going Head-to-Head with NXT Takeover
Kenny Omega and I have our match at Supercard of Honor. It means the world to me. It's the biggest match I've ever had in my life,everything has been built to. I'm almost emotional thinking about all the work that went into this match... It's crossed platforms as far as Being The Elite, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor. It's representing multi-platforms. I know right across the street is {Johnny} Gargano and {Tommaso} Ciampa from NXT. I know that's right across the street. I think that is so good for wrestling that we are going head-to-head. And that we both have full houses and I want to make sure that what I do is better than what they do. I don't think that's a bad thing for wrestling at all.

Cody Rhodes Talks About Some of the Ideals Legends and Veterans Have About the Business and the Fans
I love the industry like nobody else so I have a great respect for the legends and veterans but if you're telling the audience that we're killing the business, that we're exposing the industry. Your statement in itself is not only ironic it is also exposing the business that you are trying to protect by making your initial statement. It's a completely backward's process and it doesn't help anyone... And the other thing to me is I just can't understand why we are trying to tell our fans how to be fans... In the wrestling economy, it should never come out of your pocket unless it's something you feel will really entertain you. That you feel will really move you. It's just like any entertainment... You give your money to who you think is the best... The fans are allowed to do whatever the hell they want. If they love what we're giving them, great. And if they're not then we need to give them something else... I hate the modern thought process of coaching the fans.

Cody Rhodes Talks About Reaching Out To Kevin Owens For Help Before Leaving WWE
I had a lot of time to prep... I kinda field tested all the resources I had. Kevin Owens for example is somebody I must have asked eight-hundred-thousand questions to. About everything from how travel is different from where to ask for more, where to not worry about the money. An absurd amount of questions, to timing, to the opponents, you name it, presentation, all of that. So, I had a lot of time to prepare. It was definitely this feeling of fear but I have this rule, that if it doesn't scare you it’s not an adventure.

Cody Rhodes Says ‘NXT’ Inspired His Career Moves
NXT was also a huge inspiration for me to leave because NXT is just Hunter’s independent scene, it’s amazing. He hand plucked all these buzz-worthy talents and had them fight against each other and it’s just those were the guys that were getting the attention of the crowd, capturing their imaginations and I was very inspired by NXT. I know that doesn’t sound like it makes sense to then leave WWE but that’s what it did, it was seeing those guys that already had a brand and who already had buzz...something I had to do.

Cody Rhodes Talks About Different Body Types in Pro Wrestling
I’ve been really lucky, no injuries, just little hurts here and there and also not to sing a PSA or sound like a goody-two-shoes cause I’ve never taken steroids, It's been very helpful to my career… I am so glad wrestling is entering this period where we kinda have all body types again, you got guys like Sami Zayn and then you got these bodies like greek-gods, Kota Ibushi, Bray Wyatt...a spectrum of physiques and more healthy living than perhaps the 1980s.

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