Jim Cornette Sounds Off On Vince Russo Not Being Welcome At "All In" 10,000-Seat Event

As noted, Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks sold out their 10,000-seat "All In" show in under an hour, to the surprise of many. After the news became official, another tidbit was confirmed -- Vince Russo is not welcome at the show.

Russo tweeted what some believed to be his best effort to get included in the event, however Rhodes came back with a simple reply, "Stay away from our event."

Always one to take things a bit further, legendary pro wrestling manager / promoter and noted longtime rival of Russo, Jim Cornette, sounded off on the topic during a recent episode of his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience.

"He knocks them all the time, so why would he want to, if he believes he has any credibility, why would he want to associate himself with that where then people would have to say 'well, look. Russo knocks them,'" said Cornette. "Same thing I thought immediately. Russo knocks them, but he's not above a payoff to come up here and be a part of the thing. That was my main consideration for not being involved, because I don't want people to think that I'm a f*cking hypocrite. But he has no problem with that."

Cornette continued, "But then, to not know enough to take the booking and not realize that a bunch of the people on the show that are running the show because it's the boys running the show, I believe we've mentioned that, that the boys wouldn't want you on [the show] because... dealing with him is like picking up a turd from the clean end. There's absolutely no way to do it where you can please the majority of the people involved in the situation, because nobody wants him around."

He would go on to add that the only thing that both wrestlers and fans, regardless of age, can agree with is that "Vince Russo is a complete f*cking idiot."

Check out the complete episode of The Jim Cornette Experience podcast at MLWRadio.com.