WWE/ECW House Show Results (11/14/06) - Aberdeen, Scotland

By: Jimini, rajah.com reader

Hi it's Jimini from the Rajah forums.
Here are the results of the Raw/ECW house show, Aberdeen, Scotland, for Nov

First off, Lilian announced that Rowdy Roddy Piper had injured himself and
would not be competing.
This is the second time Piper could/should have appeared (The last time was
either as part of his Hogan angle or subsequent stint with Sean O'Haire).
She then gave a rendition of O Flower of Scotland.

The first match pitted Cryme Tyme against Cade and Murdoch. Is it just me,
or does Cade look like Triple H-lite? Anyway, after a decent opener, JTG
pulled a Los Guerreros style stunt to pick up the win, vias small package.
(A fan was guest manager of Cryme Tyme)

The second match lasted all of 10 seconds, after a long-winded speech about
how awesome Dupree was, with Hardcore Holly delivering an Alabamaslam to the
Rick-Martel-looking Rene Dupree. (A fan was guest bell-ringer)

The third match was a fatal-four-way for the Intercontinental title, pitting
Hardy against Carlito, Benjamin and Nitro. Maria guest ring-announced.
Probably the best match of the night really. Good back and forth action with
a few false finishes. Carlito made a save on Melina when Benjamin was going
to toss her over the top ropes. Jeff seemed to look a lot less toned than in
his last stint in WWE (it's been a while since i've seen WWE constantly).
Carlito probably impressed me most in this match and got very decent pops.
Jeff won with a Swanton or Twist of Fate (I forget) on Shelton Benjamin.

The fourth match was a pitiful affair, with Test facing off against Tommy
Dreamer (With Test looking like Kevin Nash-lite). The crowd was completely
dead. Very little grappling involved the whole match. All strikes and no
substance really. Anyway, Test came away with the victory following a head
shot to the turnbuckle, followed by a big boot, then a TKO.

The fifth match was a divas tag match with Candice Michelle as guest ref.
Victoria and Lita went up against Torrie Wilson and Mickie James. Pretty
standard fair divas stuff really. Candice Michelle was trying to keep Torrie
in her corner when Mickie was getting beaten up, so firstly opened then took
off her ref top (that showed nothing extra as it was the same size as her
bra). Torrie also delivered a stink-face at one point. The match ended with
Torrie pinning Victoria.

The sixth and last match before the interval pitted the 'Champ' Cena against
the undefeated Umaga.
AAE started to introduce himself, and when the crowd chanted along, he said
that since he know his name, we could do him the courtesy of shutting up. He
then called us all a bunch of sheep-shaggers. I mention all of this as it
was pretty much more interesting than the match itself. Cena got a better
pop than I expected. I suppose there were plenty of fan-boy kids there,
right enough. Anyway, Cena had Umaga locked in the STFU when AAE attacked
him, causing Cena to win by DQ. Cena went through to the section of the
crowd where there were kids in wheelchairs etc and stayed there a good five
minutes or so.


The Spirit Squad came out, dancing, trying to get fans to cheer. Then Flair
came out to shut them up. He explained that he wasn't well as his long time
friend, Piper, had to fly back to the States to possibly have surgery, that
his friend Shawn Michaels called him a monkey for managing to lose to Edge
and Orton and on top of all this, he was going to have to fight against five
HOMOS! He said he only knew two people capable enough of helping him out,
your own, Highlanders! Flair started the match, got it going well then the
atmosphere was sucked out when the Highlanders actually got involved. Rory
took a beating most of the match and it ended with Flair making one of the
Squad tap to the Figure Four, after both Highlanders had took out two each
of the Squad with over the top leaps.

The penultimate match saw Kevin Thorn (previously Mordecai, I assume?) come
out with Ariel, to take on Sabu. A few jumps off the ropes later, after
Thorn had tried to use a weapon of some description, and Sabu had one.

The final match of the night saw DX come out to take on Edge and Orton.
Triple H pulled the same stunt as last year by pretty much ripping off
another wrestlers joke. Trips said he heard a fan call Edge a sheep-shagger,
but he didn't believe it to be true as he had it on pretty good authority
that Edge was, in fact, a Randy Orton-shagger. A slow pace to the match as
with the main event tag match last year, with HBK again pulling down trunks.
This time of Edge rather than HHH and Flair. The match ended with Orton
getting superkicked then Pedigreed. They didn't stick about as long after
the last match this year, presumably as the show hadn't lasted three hours
last year.
But possibly as the fans just weren't as in to it.


This was either the fifth or sixth show i've been to, and probably about the
The crowd was dead for most of the night and whatever chants did occur were
short lived.
Out of all the five shows, the biggest pop has definitely been for Batista.
Possibly Lesnar after that, Cena then DX.

Winner match 1 - Cryme Tyme over Cade and Murdoch.
Winner match 2 - Hardcore Bob Holly over Rene Dupree.
Winner Match 3 - Jeff Hardy over Benjamin. (Nitro, Carlito also in the
Winner Match 4 - Test over Tommy Dreamer.
Winner Match 5 - Torrie and Mickie over Victoria and Lita.
Winner Match 6 - Cena over Umaga.
Winner Match 7 - Flair & The Highlanders over Mikey, Mitch, Nicky.
Winner Match 8 - Sabu over Kevin Thorn.
Winner Match 9 - DX over Edge/Orton.

Biggest pops:

1: DX
2=: Cena
2=: Flair

Most Heat

Edge & Orton
after that, there was very little of note.

Overall, a fairly decent show, but I hope the next one I see leaves me a
little more satisfied. Perhaps the lack of following the product has had
some effect, but I doubt it.

By: Ryan Simpson, rajah.com reader

Hi, I just got back from the Raw / ECW house show in Aberdeen, Scotland - here's a
run through of what went down.

A full house here tonight in Aberdeen, mostly little kids. Lilian Garcia comes out
to start things off and welcome us to the show, and asks us stand while she sings "O
Flower Of Scotland" (2 whole verses, and she only got the words wrong once!). Lilian
announces that one of the Raw superstars was injured at filming last night and as
such will not be appearing tonight - Rowdy Roddy Piper is flying back to the States
to have tests done and possibly surgery (I thought it was a work and he'd run in
later - he didn't so it might be legit). MAJOR heat from the crowd - Piper's a
legend round these parts, even if he is actually Canadian. Lilian throws out some
T-shirts and then we get started.

Match 1 – Cryme Time vs Cade/Murdoch

Cryme Time come out first and get a decent pop. Cade and Murdoch come out to boos
and play up to the crowd, pretty funny. Cade looks in good shape, Murdoch is looking
in better shape than I’ve seen him, and isn’t as white as usual. The bell rings and
the heels jump out of the ring and Murdoch heads for the crowd, a kid in the front
row makes a rude gesture right into Murdoch’s face and he gets a hug from Cade to
make him feel better. The match is a pretty back and forth affair more designed to
play to the crowd than as a real contest. Typical heel stuff from Murdoch & Cade. At
one point the referee has his back turned trying to stop Shad getting into the ring
while Murdoch and Cade rip off JTG’s vest and choke him with it. Cryme Tyme hit a
double team move and pick up the win in about 5 minutes.
Winners – Cryme Tyme

Match 2 – ECW rules – Rene Dupree vs Hardcore Holly

Dupree comes wearing white trunks that are FAR too tight. He takes a mic and tells
the crowd he is the most extreme superstar in ECW – he’s extremely good looking,
extremely talented and extremely irresistible to the ladies. Holly comes out to a
big pop (that happened last year too, no idea why) – Dupree says that he’s changed
his mind, Holly is the most extreme superstar in ECW. Holly thanks him for the
compliment and gives him the finger. Bell rings. Holly hits Dupree in the stomach,
lifts him on his shoulders, spins him round, slams him, goes for the cover, 1-2-3,
match over after about 5 seconds. Times must be getting hard for Dupree before he’s
getting squashed by Bob Holly. Still, at least I don’t have to look at him in his
tight shorts any more.
Winner – Bob Holly

Match 3 – Fatal Four way for IC championship – Jeff Hardy v Johnny Nitro v Carlito v
Shelton Benjamin

Maria comes out to be special ring announcer, wearing a tiny black and red dress
that looks like underwear, and doesn’t cover her buttcheeks (no complaints about
that). Jeff comes out to mix of cheers and boos, which I thought was strange. Nitro
comes out with Melina to boos. Carlito comes out to big pop. Shelton comes out –
boos. All four are in the ring – Shelty raises Nitro’s arm to heat. Nitro raises
Shelty’s arm to heat. Carlito climbs the corner – pop. Jeff climbs a corner then
gets attacked from behind. The heels go to work on the faces in separate corners.
The faces take control and double team the heels. Shelty and Nitro are in a corner,
Carlito goes on all fours and Jeff uses him a springboard to kick them both in the
face. The heels bail out and Jeff and Carlito high five in the middle of the ring.
Carlito then dropkicks Jeff in the face, shrugs his shoulders and goes for a pin, to
a 2 count. The match continues from there with everyone taking turns at taking
control and getting 2 counts. Carlito waits on the ground till someone hits a big
move then scuttles over to them on his hands and knees and tries to steal the pin.
Good comedy stuff from him. After about 10 minutes, Jeff tries to get Carlito in the
Twist of Fate, but Carlito reverses it to a Back Cracker. Shelty then hits Carlito
with the T-Bone. Nitro hits Shelty with his finisher which I can’t remember the name
of. Nitro climbs the turnbuckle and poses, Jeff recovers and throws him over the
ropes to the floor, then climbs and hits a swanton on Shelty for the 3.
Winner – Jeff Hardy

Match 4 – ECW rules – Test vs Tommy Dreamer.

Test comes out to some heat. Tommy comes out to no reaction. No pop, no heat, just
nothing. (About 80% of the crowd are under-10s in Cena and DX t-shirts and their
bored looking parents – I doubt most of them know who Dreamer is and what he did
pre-ECW on Sci-Fi). The match starts and we soon wish it hadn’t. This is the worst
match I’ve ever seen (I blame Test) – if I were awarding stars this would be in the
negatives. After about 5 boring minutes of punches, kicks and headlocks, Test gets a
3-count. Personal note to Test – I spent a whole days wages coming along to watch
your show – you could at least pretend you wanted to be there.
Winner – Test

Match 5 – Diva tag match - Lita and Victoria vs Torrie and Mickie.

Candice comes out to be special referee wearing a skimpy black and white top and
skirt which again leaves the buttcheeks on display. Victoria comes out in hot pants
and a black top. Lita comes out in jeans and an Edge top. Torrie comes out in a red
bikini. Mickie gets a big pop, and is in a little black top and pink and black
skirt. Candice pats down Lita and Victoria, then caresses Torrie’s butt and puts her
head up Mickie’s skirt. (Mickie looks genuinely embarrassed). Decent enough match,
though anything would look good after seeing Test in action (seriously, if ECW are
considering putting the belt on that guy they’ve got some major talent problems).
After about 5 minutes Torrie hitches her bikini pants up her crack and gives
Victoria a stink-face in the corner. During a tangle between Mickie and Lita,
Candice’s top ‘accidentally’ falls off. (funny, that never seems to happen in real
life) Torrie gets the pin shortly after.
Winners – Torrie Wilson and Mickie James

Match 6 – WWE Championship – John Cena vs Umaga.

And we haven’t even had the intermission yet. Nice to see Cena and Umaga back in the
midcard where they both belong. Umaga comes out with Armando (who’s a bloody big
fellow in the flesh) and Armando does his usual introduction. Cena comes out to a
pre-pubescent screech from the crowd that hurts my ears. A couple of boos and the
occasional Cena Sucks chant, but Cena is why most of the crowd tonight paid their
money (or more specifically, their parents did). The match is pretty dull. A lot of
Cena chants. A lot of Cena attempting to lift Umaga but not managing and hurting
himself (they must have been watching a video of Hogan v Earthquake before they came
out). Umaga has the upper hand for most of it but can’t finish it off. Cena gets
thrown over the barrier into the crowd at one point. Umaga spits a lot during the
match. Back in the ring Umaga goes for the Samoan Spike but Cena blocks it and takes
the big guy down. Cena hits the 5-knuckle shuffle, which misses Umaga’s head by at
least 6 inches, and locks on the STFU. Armando rushes the ring and hits Cena and
get’s DQ. Cena then bores everybody in attendance by milking the applause from the
kindergartners and giving out free stuff (he’s had to resort to buying fans?)
Winner (by DQ) – John Cena


Match 7 – Spirit Squad vs Highlanders with Ric Flair.

Spirit Squad come out first, and do a cheer, Mikey has the mic and loses the plot
and laughs halfway through it. Flair comes out in a blue sequinned robe. He takes
the mic and says he’s pissed off. He’s pissed off because his good friend Roddy
Piper got injured and can’t be there with him. He’s pissed off because he’s not tag
team champ any more. He’s pissed off because when they lost, Shawn Michaels called
him a monkey. And now, he’s got to wrestle against five homo’s (Ric’s words, not
mine). He asks if everyone knows what a homo is (the kid behind me obviously doesn’t
because he spends the rest of the match yelling Hobos, then Oboes, and finally
Homeless at the Spirit Squad). Flair points at the Squad – they are homos. Big
‘homos’ chant. Highlanders come out to a decent pop, but not that big considering
this is almost like a hometown gig for them. Johnny and Mitch sit this one out and
the other 3 get ready for action. Robbie and one of the Squad start out, and trade
moves for a while. Then Flair and Kenny are tagged in. Flair gets the mic again and
says he can’t believe it, of all five he’s gotta take on the biggest homo of them
all. Another ‘homo’ chant. Possibly a bit controversial from Flair, but WWE fans
have seen worse (Katie Vick anyone?). Flair looks like he’s about to hit him, but
every time he does his little strut instead. Flair hits some pretty stiff looking
chops. Lots of wooing. Flair gets a huge pop every time he tags in. The Highlanders
may look like the Bushwhackers, but they can actually wrestle a bit. At the end, the
faces clear the ring and 2 of the Squad are on either side of the ring on the floor.
Robbie flies over the top rope and takes two of them down, Rory flies over the top
rope on the other side and takes another two down, leaving Flair in the ring with
one of the Squad. Flair locks on the figure four and the homo taps out. Flair’s
music plays, then he steps down and the Highlanders music plays, one of them grabs a
Scotland flag from the crowd and milks the applause. (No Rowdy Roddy – gutted!)
Winners – Flair and The Highlanders

Match 8 – Kevin Thorn vs Sabu
Thorn comes out with Ariel, who, for the record, has enormous breasts. Sabu comes
out to a good pop. This is a short but entertaining match of strength vs agility,
with Thorn beating down on Sabu and Sabu hitting a lot of high flying moves. Thorn
sold a spinning heel kick which missed him by about a foot. Sabu gets a three count
with a DDT off the turnbuckle.
Winner – Sabu

Match 9 – DX vs Edge and Orton.
DX come out to enormous pop, and do all the usual stuff. HBK runs round in circles
like an excited puppy. HHH does his usual speech. HHH mentions that he heard a
rumour that Edge is a “sheep-shagger”. (An insult used in Aberdeen). He says he
doesn’t believe that, he believes something else to be true – he believes that Edge
is a “Randy Orton-shagger”. Randy comes out looking pissed. Finally, the man
himself, The Rated R Superstar, Edge, comes out (sorry – big Edge Head here), with
Lita in tow. Edge and HBK start out. Edge takes the upper hand, and has HBK on the
ground and is standing over him, as HBK tries to roll him up. Unable to, HBK pulls
down Edge’s tights and show’s Edge’s bare arse to the crowd (I may be an Edge Head,
but I didn’t need to see that). Edge runs round in circles trying to keep his todger
in his trunks, and he gets a hard slap on the arse from HBK. Edge leaves the ring
and rubs his bare arse on the metal crowd barriers to cool it off. Lita comes over
and rubs Edge’s arse to see if it’s OK. Orton comes over and inspects it too. Edge
pushes him away. Good amusing heel stuff. Finally Edge gets back in the ring, and
the match continues. It goes back and forth for a long time, with a lot of teasing
before HHH gets tagged in. Edge gets a hug from Orton outside the ring to help his
bruised ego. Crowd chants “Orton Sucks” as Orton and HHH face off. HHH points at
Edge and makes a gesture to Orton which makes it perfectly clear what it is that
Orton sucks. Orton gasps in astonishment and claps his hand over his mouth. Lot’s of
camp humour tonight. Another big ‘homo’ chant from the crowd. In the end Edge gets
Irish whipped into a Sweet Chin Music and bounces off HBKs boot straight into a
pedigree from HHH and gets pinned clean at about 15 minutes.
Overall, a decent show, but not as good as the Smackdown one last year. Really flat
crowd, which only came to life when DX came out. Though I attribute that to the fact
that it consisted mainly of little kids.

Biggest pops
1 – DX
2 – Cena
3 – Flair
Biggest Heat
1 – Edge
2 – Orton
3 – Spirit Squad (those guys rule!)