Bonus Piper DVD Disc, Jillian Hall/MySpace, Regal Goes Home

If you plan on buying the new Rowdy Roddy Piper DVD set, you may want to purchase it at Circuit City. The Piper DVD sets available at Circuit City contain a bonus disc that features some extra "Piper's Pit" segments, thus making it a four disc DVD set. The bonus disc seems to only be available at Circuit City retail stores and nowhere else.

Jillian Hall is the latest WWE star to join MySpace. You can check out her page at The page contains several unseen backstage candid photos of her with other WWE stars. And in a bit of trivia, she lists herself as a proud parent.

WWE's trip to the U.K. allowed William Regal to reconnect with his mum and dad. Click here for an article on his return back home.

Click here for the latest pics of Jillian Hall (>>)