WWE Headliner Leaving Soon, McMahon Cartoon Delayed, Claudio Update

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE.com

Big Show's back problems have worsened and he plans on at least temporarily leaving the company in a few weeks. Show was taken off the European house show tour and replaced by Paul Heyman. Its pretty much a guarantee that he'll be losing his title during the elimination chamber match, and it just may very well be the last match of his career. Then again, he's committed to WWE until at least "early December", so maybe he'll wrestle another match or two right after the pay-per-view. Also, he legitimately weighs 530 pounds these days.

Claudio Castagnoli signed his WWE developmental contract and should be starting in DSW at the start of 2007. This leaves ROH with about six weeks to change the tag team titles.

WWE.com posted the following message regarding the Vince McMahon cartoon on WWE.com, which was to have debuted today:

Mr. McMahon’s "Kiss My Ass" cartoon, which was to have debuted today, has been delayed due to the stubbornness of one of its stars. The cartoon’s director claims that although Mr. McMahon was great to work with, his ass often refused to leave his trailer, demanded daily massages, and would "butt" heads with everyone around him. The ass was not available for comment, but sources close to the prominent posterior say his mood of late has been crappy. Stay tuned to WWE.com for the premier of Mr. McMahon's "Kiss My Ass" cartoon.

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