WWE House Show Results (11/13/06) - Dublin, Ireland

Smackdown Houseshow
Dublin, Ireland
By Sarah D, rajah.com reader

Tony Chimel came out and announced Teddy Long, who came to the ring
and did his usual dance. He then said that the main event that was
announced last night was now going to be and 3-on-3 tag match. It would
be JBL, Mr. Kennedy & King Booker vs. The Undertaker, Kane & Batista.
He also said the first match was going to be a Champion vs. Champion

Champion vs. Champion match
Chris Benoit vs. Gregory Helms
This was a great match, the crowd were really behind Benoit. MVP did a
run-in during the match and tried to attack Benoit.
Winner: Benoit via submission (Sharpshooter)

Tatanka vs. Funaki
Crowd were a bit dead.
Winner: Tatanka

Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy
Another big pop for Matt Hardy, a lot of Chavo sucks chants
Winner: Matt Hardy

After the match Chavo got on the match and said that as many may know
today is one year since Eddie’s passing. He stayed in character and
also said “Eddie loved you…I hate you but Eddie loved you. And on
behalf of Eddie and the WWE…Thank You!” It was a good touch especially
being the day that it was.

Tag Team Title match
K.C. James & Idol Stevens w/ Michelle McCool vs. Paul London & Brian
The crowd were behind the Hooliganz yet again tonight. Great match!
Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrick

William Regal vs. Finlay
Huge cheers for Finlay yet again. A lot of ‘You Suck’ chants towards
Regal. He then got on the mic and said that he couldn’t suck because he
isn’t Irish. Great match. During the match Finlay went outside the ring
to give his wife, who was sitting in the first row a kiss. Regal then
went over to her but she turned away.
Winner: Finlay

Little Bastard also made an appearance and started attacking Regal and
were rolling around the ring. Regal rolled out of the ring and Finlay
went outside and threw Tony Chimel in the ring where he was attacked by
Little Bastard.

Best Body Competition
Kristal, Layla & Michelle McCool
Kristal took off her robe and danced around the ring in a bikini. When
it came to Michelles turn, she got booed and decided to leave. Then it
was Layla’s turn.
Then the crowd decided the winner. Chimel announced Kristal the winner
(even though it’s sounded as if Layla got more cheers.

Main Event: 3-on-3 tag match
King Booker (w/ Sharmell), Mr. Kennedy & JBL vs. Kane, The Undertaker
& Batista
The heels came out first and began by mocking the Irish, saying that
we should hail king boooker but instead we worship a queen ( At one
point all 3 of them were rolling around the ring laughing. The crowd
were getting fairly pissed off with the comments regarding Ireland not
being able to win over 6 counties (Northern Ireland) Some people even
went as far as throwing bottles and bouncy balls at them (including
Sharmell). The heels just played off this even more. JBL, Booker &
Kennedy ripped up someones Batista sign at ringside while he came to
the ring. The match took a while for them to decide who would start
off first, JBL, Kennedy or Booker. In the end Undertaker pinned JBL,
Kane pinned Kennedy & Batista pinned Booker all at the same time.
Winners: Kane, Undertaker & Booker

JBL was left lying in the ring with Taker, Kane and Booker. JBL was
begging them not to hurt him because, afterall they were all Americans.
Batista then hit JBL over the head with the microphone.