WWE House Show Results (11/12/06) - Dublin, Ireland

Smackdown Houseshow Results
Dublin, Ireland
By Sarah D, rajah.com reader

Tag Team title match
Brian Kendrick & Paul London © vs. Idol Stevens & K.C. James
w/Michelle McCool
The crowd were really behind London and Kendrick throughout the match.
McCool hit Kendrick with her boot allowing Stevens & James got the pin
but Long came out and restarted the match
Winners: London & Kendrick

Cruiserweight title match
Gregory Helms vs. Funaki
Crowd were a bit dead for this match.
Winner: Gregory Helms

Matt Hardy vs. Tatanka
Huge pop from the crowd for Hardy.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Michelle McCool vs. Kristal Marshall
Crowd were dead for this match too, most went to the concession stand
during it.
Winner: Michelle McCool

3-WAY for the World Heavyweight title
King Booker vs. Fit Finlay vs. Batista
Sharmell came out to the ring first to announce Booker. She was
hitting Tony Chimel when he wasn’t saying “All hail King Booker” loud
enough. Great cheers for Finlay but an even bigger pop for Batista.
Little Bastard came from under the ring during the match and Finlay
used him by throwing him on Booker.
Winner: Booker

Batista was around ringside after the match and held up an Eddie sign
that someone in the front row had

Kane vs. Montel Vontavious Porter
A lot of ‘Power Ranger’ chants throughout this match
Winner: Kane

US Title match (Layla as special guest announcer)
Chris Benoit b Chavo Guerrero
Winner: Chris Benoit via Submission

Mr. Kennedy vs. The Undertaker
Kennedy announced that he had a special guest, then out came JBL. JBL
then began insulting the Irish and the Rugby match that Ireland won
over the weekend. Saying that American football is better etc. When the
Undertaker came out the ref. Ordered JBL to leave ringside. JBL then
interfered during the match.
Winner: The Undertaker

After the match Teddy Long came out and announced that at the Monday
night show in Dublin that JBL would be coming out of retirement to
wrestle in a 3 vs.2 match. It would be Kennedy, JBL & Booker vs. The
Brothers of destruction Kane & The Undertaker.