Ashley Massaro Hurt Again, WWE/MSG Announcement, SD Show Moved

source: Wrestling Observer

Apparently, Ashley Massaro suffered some sort of breast implant injury during the European tour. The injury occured either yesterday or today. At the moment, there aren't any details in regards to this matter and if she will be out of action for a period of time.

Ashley's latest injury would be her fourth brush with pain this year. In February, Ashley suffered a spiral crack in her left fibula while being eliminated from a women's Battle Royal. The injury required surgery because a plate had to be positioned in her leg. She was on crutches for about two months. In August, Massaro's right knuckle shattered during a match with Kristal Marshall. Ashley had to wear a hand cast for four weeks, but no surgery was required. If that wasn't enough, Ashley was involved in a car accident after leaving the LaGuardia Airport in New York a few weeks later. The accident occured on a nearby highway going about 60 miles an hour. Ashley seemed fined from the accident, but her car was wrecked.

WWE and Madison Square Garden will be making some sort of joint announcement next Tuesday. There is no word yet on what the announcement will be, but it will probably be for a major PPV to be held in the building next year. SummerSlam was originally scheduled to take place in MSG, but then it was moved to the Continental Airlines Arena. Perhaps SummerSlam in MSG is back on. Practically all of the WWE PPVs scheduled for next year already have their venues booked.

The 1/7/07 Smackdown house show in Carbondale, Illinois has been moved to Muncie, Indiana.

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