Nattie Neidhart Signed?, Updates On Beth Phoenix, Maryse & Milena

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is reporting that Nattie Neidhart has signed a developmental deal with WWE. Although, during her appearance on The LAW radio show on Sunday night, Neidhart said that she was "working things out" with WWE. Furthermore, nothing official has been announced yet. If and when she signs, its been indicated that she wouldn't be spending much time in either OVW or DSW. Apparently, WWE is interested in calling her up to one of the main rosters in a relatively short amount of time.

Beth Phoenix has posted up a new message on her MySpace page ( Regarding a possible return to RAW, Beth posted the following: I still am receiving questions about my return to me...I'm just as excited to get back in the mix! I feel better than ever and I'm ready to tackle whatever challenges come my way thanks to all the support and kindness everyone keeps generously dishing out! Love you guys! She also posted this a few days ago: First of all, I do not right now have a date to post for when I will be returning to RAW...but I can tell everyone that I promise to make an impact when I do go back. As anyone who has followed my career can tell you, I am never willing to accept anything less than the that is my goal for returning to become the BEST woman wrestler. Down in Ohio Valley Wrestling, its been reported that they have her dressing, looking and even doing some of the same mannerisms of one Trish Stratus. Phoenix recently lost the OVW Women's Championship to Katie Lea (UK's Nikita).

2006 Diva Search contestants Maryse Ouellet and Milena Roucka are currently training in Ohio Valley Wrestling. They have yet to appear on OVW television, although, the other Diva Search contestant, Amy Zidian, is currently appearing on their shows. Also, Maryse probably won't be making any more inconsequential appearances on SmackDown until they find a full-time role for her.

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