WrestleMania 23 News: Possible *Spoilers*, Hogan/Beefcake

Vince McMahon is heavily favored to get his head shaved. Radio stations in Detroit are reporting Brutus Beefcake will shave the loser's hair and that Hulk Hogan will make a surprise appearance. These reports are untrue. Steve Austin will be doing the head shaving, should Lashley beat Umaga.

The New Breed is expected to win its match against the ECW Originals. The main objective WWE hopes to achieve with this angle is to get Elijah Burke over so expect him to be featured prominantly.

Kane has told WWE management that he plans to take time off following WrestleMania. The Big Red Machine has been experiencing problems with his knee for months and he wants to rest the injury and not further aggrevate it. Expect to see an injury angle take place either tonight at WrestleMania or this week on SmackDown! Also, Kane will likely use his movie prop "hook" to even the odds in his match against the monsterous Great Khali.

Mr. Kennedy, Edge and Randy Orton are the favorites for the Money In The Bank ladder match. Since Edge has already won a MITB match before and doesn't really need the win as much as Kennedy or Orton, WWE will likely have one of the other two win.