More On Mercury, Released Wrestler Back In OVW, Rob Conway

sources:,, Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE released Joey Mercury for his own good on Monday. They feel as though that he has several personal issues he must take care of. It is a situation similar to Kurt Angle's in that WWE is giving him time to fix his issues and then he will be welcome back to the company when they think he is ready. The decision was a spur of the moment decision made at the catering room at Monday's Raw taping. He was said to be really bad on Monday, and as much as people like him and feel bad for him, they felt this had to be done for his own good. He had some major issues with painkillers last year and was sent to rehab. Shortly after getting out, he got his face destroyed by the ladder and got hooked on them again in a major way. Many fans have felt as though that WWE acted wrongly in this because he often gave it his all in the ring, such as the brutal injury he suffered at Armageddon. But in reality, WWE is doing what they feel they have to do to help him to help himself.

Chris Cage, who did some vignettes with The Miz early last year that never aired because he got fired after getting drunk at spring break (which is where they were shooting them), is now back in Ohio Valley Wrestling. However, he's there on his own as he doesn't have a WWE developmental contract.

Rob Conway is also back in OVW in some capacity, probably as a trainer. When Vince McMahon "fired" him on the first Raw of the year, they planned on putting him back in La Resistance. That plan has been nixed and they currently have nothing for him.

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