Women's Title Screw-up, Ivory Opens Business, Jason Sensation

sources: www.f4wonline.com, PWInsider.com

In an unplanned series of events, Mickie James won and then lost the Women's Title at a house show in France on Tuesday. Mickie covered Victoria during the three-way and Victoria forgot to kick out, so the referee counted three. They did a Mickie vs. Melina rematch later in the night, and Melina won the belt back.

Jason Sensation, who had a short-lived gig in WWE in 1998 doing vocal impersonations of the wrestlers, is doing a series of interviews running down the company. On 'The O Show', they claim he "plans to discuss on future audio commentaries times he had been sexually assaulted by agents in WWF."

Lisa "Ivory" Moretti revealed on an internet radio show yesterday that she's now part owner of a dog washing/daycare center in Washington. Moretti has long had a passion for animals.

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