Cade & Murdoch Upset, Super Crazy's Injury, Bad News Brown


In an article on, Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch have some strong opinions of the Internet critics who have been bashing them. Cade said, "Which of those Internet losers has had to leave his family for 14 straight days like we just did on this past European tour? They've never had to miss their son's or daughter's birthday like I'm going to have to do this Saturday. Unless they've stepped foot in our ring, they've got no business judging us." You can read the article here.

Super Crazy suffered a knee injury at the house shows this past weekend, believed to be a torn MCL. The torn MCL may be due to his recent weight gain because he's still trying to work his old Super Crazy style at that weight. It's inevitable that he's going to start having problems.

There is a Bad News Allen tribute show on May 25th in Cochrane, Alberta with Abdullah the Butcher vs. Devon Nicholson with Gerry Morrow as referee, Samoa Joe vs. Juggernaut, Jim Neidhart vs. Tito Santana, and Johnny Devine vs. Scotty Mac with Scott D'Amore and Don Callis managing respectively.

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