The Condemmed Ripped, Sample WWE Contract, Vickie Guerrero Workout Tip

The Condemned isn't getting very good reviews from movie critics. On, it has scored 6 fresh tomatoes and 32 rotten ones, thus giving it a score of 16%. For comparison purposes, The Marine scored 21%, See No Evil scored 8%, and WCW's 2000 movie Ready To Rumble scored 24% on the website. On the otherhand, The Condemned is faring a lot better among movie goers as the rating is a 6.1 (out of 10) on

Here is a link to a page of what a sample WWE contract from the year 2000 looks like. Apparently, this was Shane McMahon's contract. Click here to see it.

On 'Diva Dish' on, Vickie Guerrero has a tip that might help you get back into shape. "I get a bottle of distilled water. I put in a teaspoon of cayenne pepper, pure Grade A maple syrup and I juice about 15 lemons and pour that in there, too. It's a cleansing drink. It's really good after travel when you get home. It cleans all the dirt out of your system," she explained. You can read the rest of 'Diva Dish' here.

See a picture of The Boogeyman out in public! (>>)