WWE Heat Report (04/29/07) Taped in London, England

WWE Heat Report-29th April 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Josh Mathews & Jack Corpella
Ring Announcer: Todd Grisham

Welcome aboard. We're just hours away from Backlash and Heat is here with four matches on cue. Let's get to it. We begin this week with.............

Victoria vs Mickie James
The switcheroo regarding the women's title in Paris earlier this week isn't touched upon by the commentators. Josh gets on Todd Grisham's case with reference to his ring announcing saying he's trying his best to sound like a man. Mickie gets a big crowd pop. Josh and Jack discuss Mickie taking this match as a way to build or lose momentum for Backlash. Victoria uses the hair to take Mickie down. Victoria with a wristlock, Mickie uses a cartwheel to try a reversal but Victoria yanks the hair again and scores a one count. Mickie off the ropes ducks underneath Victoria. Mickie lands an armdrag and monkey flip. Mickie throws Victoria down by the hair to see how she likes it. Victoria goes to the corner where she turns the tables on Mickie driving her head into Mickie's gut. Victoria attempts a monkey flip but Mickie lands on her feet. Mickie lands an armwringer/snapmare takedown to put Victoria in a seated position. Mickie lands a low dropkick for a nearfall. Mickie applies a camel clutch, Victoria gets up then falls back to send Mickie's back into the mat. Mickie goes to the corner, Victoria charges and counters Mickie's hurricanrana attempt with a powerbomb for a nearfall. After throwing Mickie down by the hair, Victoria yanks Mickie up across her back by the hair before dropping her to the mat. Victoria taunts Mickie with trash talking and slaps to the head. Victoria shoves Mickie's face into the mat. Mickie retaliates with some gut punches but Victoria catches Mickie's reverse kick and pulls her into a splits position. Ouch! Victoria kicks Mickie in the head (like Beckham according to Josh) for a nearfall. Victoria stomps Mickie's back before stretching one of Mickie's legs. Victoria stands on Mickie's back while doing this. Mickie uses her other leg to swing round and take Victoria down to escape. Victoria goes to get Mickie up, Mickie surprises her with a rollup for a nearfall. Mickie fights back with forearm counters before taking Victoria down with a spinning forearm. For some reason Josh makes a comparison to Masato Tanaka. Victoria gets thrown down by the hair. Victoria reverses Mickie off the ropes who comes back with a cross body clothesline for a nearfall. Mickie gets Victoria up who knees Mickie in the gut. Victoria Irish whips but charges into an elbow allowing Mickie to nail a hurricanrana out of the corner. Mickie catches Victoria with a neckbreaker for a nearfall. Mickie boots the gut and calls for the MickDDT but Victoria gets Mickie on her shoulders and hits a reverse spinning side slam. 1-2-no. Victoria can't believe it and hits the mat in frustration. Victoria scoops Mickie up and goes for snake eyes but Mickie gets down and shoves Victoria front first into the corner. Following a boot to the gut Mickie hits the MickDDT for the 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: MICKIE JAMES. A good opener which seemed like it moved in slow motion at times. I'm probably just nitpicking though. In truth this was way better than the crap that gets served up lately on Raw and SmackDown! and gets presented as a women's match. Post match Mickie celebrates in the ring as the commentators hype up the women's title match at Backlash.

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs Val Venis
As Val enters we already see Masters in the ring. I'm not a fan of this. It's a jobber thing to do. Besides, I like seeing the entrances. Val chucks his purple towel to the crowd. Lockup, Masters uses a waistlock takedown into a front facelock. Val counters into a hammerlock then drives a couple of knees into Masters' back. Val with an armwringer, Masters forearms Val. Val reverses off the ropes hitting a hiptoss and armdrag into an armbar. Val with a forearm and a running kneelift. Masters counters a second kneelift with another forearm to the face. Masters levels Val with a clothesline. Masters lands mounted mat punches to the head. The referee reprimands Masters for using closed fists. Masters sends Val off the ropes and into an abdominal stretch despite Val's resistance. Val uses a hiptoss to get free. Masters recovers first to deliver a slam. Masters misses two elbowdrops. Masters sends Val off the ropes who telegraphs a backbodydrop attempt with a boot to the head. Val runs into a forearm then Masters runs into a clothesline. Val follows up with a backelbow, double sledge, boot to the gut and neckbreaker for a nearfall. Masters goes to the corner, Val lands nine corner clotheslines before the referee pulls him off. Val hits a sitout powerbomb for a nearfall. Val argues with the referee before walking into a spinebuster. Masters tries to apply the Master Lock, Val counters and goes for a half nelson slam which Masters blocks. Masters backelbows Val then turns a second Master Lock attempt into a full nelson slam. Masters covers 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: "THE MASTERPIECE" CHRIS MASTERS. Good match. Val showed a lot of fire. Post match Val is helped outside by the referee. Masters sticks around a while then takes his leave. The cameras keep with this segment as Masters goes through the curtain but Val stays ringside and heads over to grab a mic. Finally some much overdue mic time for Val who must have reached breaking point for being overlooked, jobbed out and forgotten for too long. I don't blame him. Val cuts the following promo:

"Masters you are good there's no question about it. You beat me fair and square here 1-2-3 but the big Valbowski loves a challenge and I want another shot RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW". On that note Masters comes back down and we have an impromptu rematch. Sweet!

"The Masterpiece" Chris Masters vs Val Venis
As soon as the bell rings Val boots the gut and both men open up on each other with a flurry of punches. Val wins out and uses a double leg takedown to pound Masters on the mat. Masters gets up into a forearm by Val. Masters rakes the face. Val reverses off the ropes catching Masters in a spinebuster. Val heads up top and lands the Money Shot. Cover. 1-2-3. Val squares things up. Here is Your Winner: VAL VENIS. Post match Val mounts the corner to celebrate and motion to Masters it's 1-1 as Masters rolls out of the ring. Masters favours his gut as he heads to the back. Looks like we have a new feud born here on Heat. Great intensity shown by both men here. I should lay off Masters a little as he did well here.

Cryme Tyme vs The World's Greatest Tag Team
As the World's Greatest Tag Team come out we cut to Cryme Tyme already in the ring. Damn. Josh rabbits on for the third straight match about the heels using the ground and pound technique which is getting annoying to hear. Josh redeems himself by saying Grisham is putting him to sleep. Dissed again Grish LOL. Cryme Tyme get the crowd going to start. Shelton taunts Shad with a slap so Shad punches Shelton down. Shad hits three shoulder tackles then grabs an arm. Cryme Tyme double team Shelton with a double backelbow off the ropes followed by a double elbowdrop. JTG traps Shelton in the Cryme corner with an armbar allowing Shad to take over with a gut punch. Shad sends Shelton off the ropes and presses him over his head. Shelton rakes the face to get down but Shelton runs into a sidewalk slam. JTG goes to the second rope where he scissors' his way onto Shad who catapults him onto Shelton with a splash. Nice move. JTG celebrates with a dance. JTG gets Shelton up who pokes the eyes then sends JTG into the middle turnbuckle by yanking his jeans. Haas lands shots to the back. JTG ducks a clothesline off the ropes and comes back with a corkscrew backelbow, clothesline and dropkick for a nearfall. JTG thwarts a backbodydrop attempt off the ropes with a boot to the head. JTG cuts a Haas attack off with a punch. Haas backdrops a charging JTG onto the apron. JTG hangs on, punches Haas away but from behind Shelton connects with a high kick to the head which knocks JTG silly. Haas stomps JTG, rams his back into the corner then works over him with punches. Haas with an Irish whip and overhead belly-to belly suplex for a nearfall. Haas uses a rolling front facelock to get to his corner and tag out. Shelton vaults in with a stomp to JTG's back. Shelton punches the head then applies a rear naked choke. Shelton punches on JTG then goes to a head vice. JTG backelbows free, Shelton knees the gut and Irish whips. JTG elbows a charging Shelton. JTG connects with a series of punches but Shelton catches JTG and brings his back down across his knee for a nearfall. Following some more shots by the heels Haas delivers a mini spinebuster and applies a single leg boston crab. Haas breaks the hold and JTG is the recipient of more shots by the heels. JTG manages to elbow Shelton who proceeds to stomp then apply a front facelock while kneeing the gut. JTG counters a backbodydrop off the ropes with a DDT and both men tag out. Shad shoulder tackles Haas, shoves Shelton off the apron, clotheslines Haas then backbodydrops him off the ropes. Shad catches Shelton in a powerslam then fires up. Shad scoops up Haas to deliver snake eyes in the corner followed by a running forearm off the ropes. Shad covers 1-2-broken up by a Shelton double axehandle. JTG jumps onto Shelton's shoulders attempting a victory roll, Shelton staggers to the ropes where JTG takes him over with a headscissors. JTG manages to hold onto the ropes. Back inside Shad ducks a Haas clothesline, gets him on his shoulders and Cryme Tyme deliver the G9. Shad covers to end another good match. 1-2-3. Heat is rolling this week. Here Are Your Winners: CRYME TYME. Post match Cryme Tyme celebrate in the ring and Shad motions he wants the tag team titles. The commentators hype Cryme Tyme up a little as contenders.

Johnny Nitro vs Eugene
We get to see both entrances for the Main Event. Nitro receives the red carpet treatment from the paparazzi who are on hand to cover Nitro's debut on Heat. Welcome. Nitro comes out without Melina who according to Josh is preparing for Backlash. We see the usual entrance and mannerisms from Eugene who seems excited to be in London. Lockup leads to a tussle in the corner and a clean break from Nitro who poses for Eugene. Eugene responds by wiggling his butt. From a second lockup Nitro applies a side headlock. Eugene sends him off the ropes to start the comedy. Following the criss cross rope spot, the look up get poked in the eye, the crawl underneath, biting of the ass and the butt wiggling Nitro connects with an enziguiri kick for a nearfall. Nitro pounds away at Eugene's head as Eugene does his best to cover up. Nitro applies a reverse chinlock. Eugene eventually gets up and rolls Nitro off of him. Nitro lands a knee to the back of the head then puts the boots to Eugene. We see a rare Heat replay of the knee to the back of the head. Nitro forearms Eugene who goes to the corner. Nitro wears Eugene down with punches, boots and a boot choke in the corner. Nitro covers for a one count before applying a chinlock then a seated chinlock on the back of Eugene. Eugene gets to his feet and powers free so Nitro lands a shot to the throat. Nitro delivers a slam for a nearfall before swatting Eugene's head with his boot three times. Nitro undoes all of his good work by stupidly ramming Eugene's head into the corner three times. After Eugeneing up and landing punches Eugene lands two clotheslines and fires up. Nitro cuts off an airplane spin with knees to the gut. Eugene counters a clothesline into a backslide for a nearfall. Nitro reverses an Irish whip and charges but Eugene backdrops him onto the apron. Nitro manages to hang Eugene up on the top rope before bringing a knee down across the back of Eugene's head from the second rope. Nitro gives a snapshot sign and finishes Eugene off with a Rude Awakening type neckbreaker. 1-2-3. Good showing by Nitro. Here is Your Winner: JOHNNY NITRO.

Josh says he'll see us next week and signs off as Heat fades to black. End of show. I think Grisham and Coachman will be back commentating next week. Jack Corpella should keep his role though as he's done well the last two editions while filling in.

A very good edition of Heat. The verdict is a thumbs up from me. A Kenny Dykstra vs Jeff Hardy match was edited off the show which was a shame but hey we got four matches and a possible new feud between Val Venis and Chris Masters. Add in Val's promo time and Heat has produced more than the norm which is all good in my book.

Best Match: Chris Masters vs Val Venis.
Worst Match: None.

Backlash picks
John Cena vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge vs Randy Orton (WWE Title)
First off Randy Orton should be fired. He doesn't deserve to be in the Main Event. How many second chances is this guy going to get? If someone in the midcard messed up a hotel room then he would be gone. The same should apply to Orton. Fuck him he's not any good anyway. Mr Chinlock bores the pants off me. So he goes to TNA so what? That place is a mess at the moment and is no serious competition to WWE. WWE needs to send a better message to talent and firing Orton is the best way forward. With regards to this match I see Orton taking the fall to either Edge or Cena. Michaels got his big win on Raw last Monday. I think Cena should step out of the title picture for a bit aswell. Prediction: EDGE.

The Undertaker vs Batista (World Heavyweight Title)
They will have a hard time topping their WrestleMania match but all the same I'm looking forward to the rematch. Hopefully Undertaker wins and Batista turns full blown heel afterwards. Prediction: THE UNDERTAKER.

Bobby Lashley vs Umaga & The McMahons (ECW World Title)
I'm ready for this feud to end so Lashley can work with someone else. The crowd are still undecided about Lashley who is doing his best. Surely Vince won't book himself as ECW Champion or worse still Shane. I'll pick Lashley after he gets some assistance from his new friend IC champ Santino Marella. Prediction: BOBBY LASHLEY

Chris Benoit vs MVP (U.S. Title)
MVP has really stepped up his game and by studying a lot of tapes is showing a willingness to improve. As I've said before he has really come along and his act is over. I've liked seeing his matches against other "champions" too. As for this match Benoit will bring it and given some time could be a showstealer. MVP is ready for the U.S. title following a lengthy Benoit reign. Prediction: MVP.

The Hardys vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (World Tag Team Titles)
Yes I know Cade and Murdoch are regular Heat squad members but I'm a fan and I'm looking forward to this match. This can go either way. The Hardys can win and maybe drag the feud out or feud with World's Greatest Tag Team or Cade and Murdoch can get a second reign and feud with Cryme Tyme. As Cade and Murdoch won the singles bouts on Raw I'll plump for the Hardys here. Prediction: THE HARDYS.

Melina vs Mickie James (Women's Title)
While Mickie has been tearing it up on Heat with Victoria, Melina has been fed the crap scraps with non-workers on Raw. Not really a fan of Melina's in-ring work so I'm hoping for a title change. WWE needs to have more good workers in the Women's division. Stop Jillian from singing and let her wrestle. Prediction: MICKIE JAMES.

So there you have it six matches and six titles on the line. I think we'll see another match or two get added but with regards to who then take your pick as it's a tri-brand PPV and the talent pool available is deep. Maybe something will happen to further the CM Punk/New Breed storyline I don't know. Wherever you are enjoy Backlash later on. I'll be back as always next weekend for another edition of Heat. Shaun.

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