Triple H’s Personal Heat With WWE Star, Foley At Backlash

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Mick Foley's book "Hardcore Diaries" was No. 10 last week on the New York Times bestseller list. Regarding a fixed role for him on WWE television, things are constantly changing.

Internally, people are often burying him, saying he no longer connects with the crowd. Some of them even knock his promos. Foley has creative control in that he can refuse anything, but Vince has to approve everything. He's not the priority being catered to as he used to be.

Triple H often gets in Vince's ear by telling him why should they do anything with Mick Foley? Vince then ends up agreeing with Triple H. However, Raw writer Brian Gewirtz then gets in Vince's ear and says they should bring him back and push him strong, which changes Vince's mind again.

At one point, Foley was scheduled to do something big at Backlash, but that's off the cards.

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