Torrie Wilson Shoots Down Diva Drug Rumors; Cyber Sunday, WWE 24/7

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-- Torrie Wilson has posted up a new blog on her MySpace page. She talks about making several trips overseas withing the next few weeks to China, Australia and Spain. She and Lashley will be heading over to China to be part of the Special Olympics 2007 followed by traveling to Australia, for their version of the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. She also brings up the rumor concerning WWE Divas and drugs. Torrie wrote: "Another point of concern is that I am being told that some of those stupid wrestling sites that people go to for who knows why are saying that WWE Divas are using steroids! Well, first of all take a look at us! Also, I think that all you have to do is spend a little time on the road or at a gym with any one of us. I will gladly drag somebody's naysaying butt to the gym with me for a 7 to 10 mile run before hitting the weights for 45 minutes. I absolutely hate when people try to devalue someone's hard work to make themselves feel better. I do have to thank those people though, because they do keep us working hard, which is what we do best!" You can read the whole blog at this link.

-- Apparently, WWE has abandoned the Cyber Sunday trademark. It was abandoned on Sept 4. They probably forgot to renew it. The Cyber Sunday pay-per-view will be held on 10/28.

-- October's theme for WWE 24/7 will be "Psychos, Sickos, Maniacs and Monsters." The month will feature most of the Tombstone: The History of The Undertaker DVD, WWE Badd Blood ’97, ECW Hardcore Heaven ’97, 3 classic WWE house show events from the late 80s/early 90s, The Wild Samoans in the Hall of Fame feature, and Snitsky hosts the Shorties section. You can read the whole sypnosis at this link.

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