WWE Heat Report (09/09/07) Taped in Columbus, Ohio

WWE Heat Report-9th September 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome. What a tumultuous week for WWE. The Wellness Policy has been exposed as a sham and the Sports Illustrated bust has led to the disappearance/writing off of several superstars for 30/60 days depending on who it is. I think it's now clear who's gone so I won't reveal names. I'll let you decide. Also Cryme Tyme and Eugene (two Heat favourites) were shown the door for unrelated purposes. Simon Dean also got the boot. Yeeeaaahhh. The Simon System must have contained an illegal ingredient LOL. It's a shame not every wrongdoer got the same punishment though as some have been rewarded with title shots. WWE says it has a three strike rule. More likely one set of rules for some and one for another if you ask me. At least seeing CM Punk win his first championship brought some good to the week that was in WWE. Onto this week's Heat. Only three matches on cue as the rest of the show pretty much recapped the storyline explanations for superstars disappearing off TV. Umaga's was pretty brutal. It would have made more sense having Jeff Hardy take him out rather than Triple H as Hardy's fluke win made him look weak in my view. On the otherhand Triple H looks like he has a ready made feud when Umaga comes back. Let's get Heat started.

Super Crazy vs Shawn Spears
Shawn Spears has a WWE developmental deal and has appeared on Heat before. Grisham wrongly says this is his first WWE appearance. Coachman says William Regal has neck trauma following John Cena's attack and it is unknown when he'll be back. This will explain his on-air absence. While Regal was great in his new role he shouldn't have been a naughty boy. Onto the match, from the lockup Spears grabs an arm so Crazy rolls forward before punching off Spears' grip. We now get a serious staredown between the two. Crazy with a single leg takedown rolls into a leg grapevine but Spears manages to hook the bottom rope to force a break. Spears argues with the referee so Crazy puts his thumbs down inviting the crowd to boo Spears. The crowd respond accordingly. Crazy calls for a test of strength but Spears boots then forearms Crazy into the corner. Spears lands two shoulders to the gut then Irish whips. Crazy floats over a charge countering with a sunset flip for a nearfall. Crazy counters a Spears lunge into a waistlock which Spears elbows out of. Crazy goes to the corner but Spears brings him out with a side russian legsweep for a nearfall. Crazy goes back to the corner and fights back with boots. Spears reverses off the ropes and just about connects with a wayward clothesline. Spears delivers three falling chops to the throat for a nearfall. Crazy feeds off a Super Crazy chant but Spears gets the better of a forearm exchange. Crazy sends Spears away with a back kick to the face. Crazy Irish whips but misses a corner clothesline attempt allowing Spears to deliver a suplex for a nearfall. Spears applies an armbar/neck stretch. Crazy frees himself and lets loose with a flurry of punches. Spears off the ropes attempts a sunset flip but Crazy rolls back and lands a low dropkick to the face. Crazy follows up with a dropkick and spinning heel kick. Crazy delivers a throwdown slam then drags Spears away from the corner and delivers a springboard moonsault, bouncing off the top rope for the 1-2-3. Nice little opener. Spears has some potential. Here is Your Winner: SUPER CRAZY. Post match Crazy motions 1-2-3 with his fingers before picking up his tricolore vest and leaving.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Chad Collyer
Usual fanfare for Hacksaw. USAs and Hooos throughout. Not seen Chad Collyer in a while. Coach says Hacksaw relates to all fans young and old while Grisham adds he still gets the job done despite being past his prime. Hacksaw starts well backing Collyer to the corner and winning a punch exchange. Hacksaw continues with an Irish whip, backbodydrop, hiptoss and slam. Collyer goes for a breather. Hacksaw and Collyer lockup to the ropes. Hacksaw clean breaks, Collyer lands a knee and punch. Hacksaw reverses off the ropes and lands three clotheslines. Collyer goes out onto the apron. Hacksaw advances so Collyer brings Hacksaw's throat down across the top rope. Collyer chokes Hacksaw in the ropes with his knee over him while raking at the face. Collyer headbutts Hacksaw down, drops a knee for a nearfall then slaps on a reverse chinlock. Hacksaw elbows free and punches Collyer into the corner. Hacksaw Irish whips, Collyer sidestpes a charge, Hacksaw hits the corner then falls down. Collyer drops another knee, gets a nearfall so he goes back to the reverse chinlock. Hacksaw doesn't fade, finally breaking free with backelbows and punches. Hacksaw runs into a knee to the gut. Collyer drops an elbow before heading to the top rope. Collyer misses a splash, Hacksaw lands the three point stance clothesline to pick up the win. 1-2-3. The usual from Hacksaw. Here is Your Winner: HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN. Post match Hacksaw tosses and catches his 2x4.

Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs The Highlanders (Non Title)
Main Event. Not announced as a title match so I'm assuming it's non title. Murdoch has his hat back but Cade comes out without his. I guess Cryme Tyme kept it after their release. I miss Cryme Tyme already and hope they come back. I loved their gimmick and schtick. Rory and Murdoch start. Murdoch backs Rory to the corner, clean breaks then high fives Cade. Rory scores with a side headlock and shoulder tackle before running into a knee to the gut. Murdoch slaps the back then Irish whips. Rory floats over a charge and attacks with a mixture of headbutts and head rams to the corner. Robbie tags in and holds Murdoch for a Rory headbutt to the gut. Robbie quickly rolls Murdoch up for a nearfall. Robbie ducks Murdoch's wild lunges before headbutting the gut then head. Robbie runs into a Murdoch shove. Cade stomps Robbie before snapmaring him down for a one count. Cade rams Robbie's head into the corner then forearms. Robbie reverses an Irish whip. Robbie monkey flips Cade out of the corner. I'm Robbie!!!! The Highlanders deliver a battering ram to Cade. Murdoch receives a double boot before getting used as a battering ram on Cade. A double backbodydrop for Murdoch is followed by a clothesline over the top rope for Cade then Murdoch. With the Highlanders on fire Heat cuts away for commercials. We return and the momentum has completely shifted as Robbie rolls outside and just makes it back in at a nine count. Cade immediately covers for a nearfall. Cade lifts Murdoch up for a legdrop onto Robbie for another nearfall. Murdoch gets Robbie up in the corner to land a punch, chop and back club. Robbie punches back so Murdoch boots him in the head. Murdoch holds Robbie for a Cade chop before Cade clubs on Robbie's upper body in the ropes. Cade holds Robbie in a seated position for a Murdoch chop. Murdoch twists Robbie round before drilling him with an elbow to the head. Murdoch drops an elbow for a nearfall before wrenching away on Robbie with a chinlock. Robbie uses a jawbreaker to escape but Murdoch falls back right by Cade and manages to tag out. Cade keeps Robbie in by sending him off the ropes but puts his head down allowing Robbie to boot him down. Cade quickly recovers to knee the gut then hit a side russian legsweep and tag out. Murdoch tries a double axehandle off the top rope, Robbie puts his feet up, Murdoch catches, throws them down then misses an elbow drop allowing Robbie to make the tag. Rory clotheslines Murdoch, Cade then Murdoch again. Rory with an inverted atomic drop and third clothesline to Murdoch. Murdoch walks into a flapjack. Cover 1-2-broken up by a Cade double axehandle. Robbie comes in to punch at Cade but Cade grabs Robbie and throws him over the top rope. Cade then rolls outside. Back inside Murdoch reverses an Irish whip but Rory hoists a charging Murdoch onto the apron. Rory staggers Murdoch with a punch then charges at Cade who drops down off the apron. Rory turns into a Murdoch clothesline who's recovered on the apron. Murdoch goes up top and connects with a flying bulldog on Rory. Cover. 1-2-3. Nice match. The Redneck Wrecking crew get ready for Paul London & Brian Kendrick at Unforgiven. A makeshift feud due to the firing of Cryme Tyme but the PPV match should be good. Here Are Your Winners: LANCE CADE & TREVOR MURDOCH. Post match, Cade and Murdoch get their belts then their arms raised before high fiving.

Grisham quickly thanks us for watching as Heat goes off the air.

Best Match: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs The Highlanders.
Worst Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Chad Collyer.

Show Verdict: Nothing spectacular this week but overall a better show than last week despite there being a lot of Raw recaps. Heat could do with some freshening up in upcoming weeks. With the current WWE roster looking paper thin now's the time for some fresh faces to debut/or some current ones to make an impact. A match that got bumped off of Heat this week for extra Raw recaps was Val Venis beating Jay Bradley.

Who'll turn out to be Vince's bastard son tomorrow night on Raw? I have no idea but will hazard a guess at Triple H. I haven't ruled out a swerve as part of me thinks it could still turn out to be Mr Kennedy despite what happened last Monday. All will be revealed tomorrow night on Raw.

Have a good week and I'll see you next Sunday. Shaun. Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to shaunmb1@hotmail.com.