AEW Dark Recap (11/9): Nyla Rose, Dante Martin, Tay Conti, And More In Action

Hello again everyone, and welocme back to the Rajah.Com recap of AEW Dark.

The latest episode of AEW Dark featured a mixed bag of action, inluding Trio's contests, traditional tag team bouts, and a few singles battles.

To find out who stood tall at the end of each match, check out the results below!

AEW Dark

-Taz and Excalibur welcome everyone to Kansas City, and send it down to the ring, where Justin Roberts introduces the first trio of competitors.

The Gunn Club vs Dark Order

*The Gunn Club is 10-0 in Trios action this year.

The match begins, and Evil Uno starts things off against Colton Gunn. Colton and Uno trade shoulder blocks, until Gunn throws a huge right hand. Uno answers back with a neck breaker, and tags in Reynolds. Colton tags in Austin Gunn, who struggles with Reynolds for a moment, and tags in Billy Gunn. Billy says he wants Colt Cabana, so Colt tags in, and catches a right hand from Billy. Cabana and Gunn have a brief exchange, until Cabana lands consecutive strikes, and sends Gunn flying. The match completely breaks down, and everyone is in the ring, until the Dark Order is left standing tall. Things settle back down, and Reynolds trades shots with Austin Gunn. The multi-man action begins to break down again, and even the referee can’t keep up. Back in the ring, Uno hits Something Evil on Austin, and makes the cover, but Gunn kicks out on instinct. Uno picks up the pace, and tries to put the match away, but Austin scores a surprise rollup, stealing the match in the process.

Winners: The Gunn Club

Riho vs Heidi Howitzer

*This is the AEW Dark debut of Heidi Howitzer

Riho immediately ties up with her larger opponent, but changes gears, and unleashes a fury of rapid fire offense. Riho sends Hedi into the ropes, and sets up for a 619, then nails it for a near fall. Heidi shakes it off, and makes it back to her feet, where an exchange breaks out. Heidi gets the better end of the deal, and lifts Riho up for a thunderous slam. Heidi takes a moment to be proud of herself, and goes for a Vader bomb, but Riho sends Heidi into the canvas. Riho heads to the top rope, and sets up for the double-foot stomp, then nails it for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Riho

-After AEW World Champion Kenny Omega promotes the new AEW Elite General Manager app, its time for tag team action.

Too Fast Too Fuego vs Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo

*This is second match as a team for Fuego 1 and Fuego 2.

Fuego 2 begins the match with Aaron Solo, and both men start off very slowly. A rapid fire exchange breaks out, and Fuego slows things down with an arm drag. Fuego follows up with another arm drag, and tags in Fuego 1, setting up for a double drop kick that takes down Solo. Fuego 1 hits a pair of splashes in the corner, and sets up for a third one, but Solo avoids it. Solo tags in Comorato, who goes for a shoulder tackle, and pays the price. Fuego 1 takes advantage of Nick’s misfire, and tags in Fuego 2, who has a stand off with Comorato. Nick and 2 trade offensive maneuvers, until Solo gets involved from the apron, and sends 2 crashing into the canvas. Nick picks up the pieces in the ring, and tags in Solo, who hits a scoop slam, then follows up with a running knee drop. Aaron tries to put the match away, but 2 powers out, so Solo tries to rip his mask. Aaron tries to steal Fuego’s move, but 2 avoids, and nails a reverse DDT. Fuego 1 tags in, and he’s on fire! Fuego blasts Solo with a step up kick to the back of he head, as Fuego 2 stands by. Comorato rushes 2 from behind, and sends him to the outside, leaving 1 in the ring for a double team maneuver. The action moves all around the ring, with all four men fighting, until Too Fast Too Fuego sends Comorato out of the ring. Fuego 1 blasts Nick with a tilt-o-whirl DDT, spiking Comorato, and picking up the victory for his team.

Winner: Too Fast Too Fuego

Sammy Guevara & Jake Hagar Koko Lane & Luke Langley

*Sammy Guevara is the current TNT Champion

The referee calls for the match opening bell, and Guevara easily handles his opponent with a series of quick moves. Sammy tags in Hagar, who finds himself stuck in the heel corner right away. Lane and Langley keep the pressure on in the corner, until Hagar breaks free with forearm shots, and tags in his partner. Guevara hits a pair of spinebusters on the heels, and nails a top rope cutter on his opponent. Jake tags in, and fires off a Hagar bomb, while Sammy makes a blind tag. Guevara heads to the top rope, and hits a senton for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Jake Hagar & Sammy Guevara

-After the match, Men of the Year run in, and attack Hagar, as well as Sammy. Santana & Ortiz make the save, and the segment comes to a close.

Nyla Rose vs Tootie Lynn

*Nyla Rose is currently ranked 4th in the AEW Women’s division standings.

The referee calls for the contest to begin, and Rose tries to overpower her opponent. Lynn unleashes rapid fire strikes, and Nyla no sells them all, then drives Tootie into the corner. Rose hits an overhand chop, followed by a splash, and drags Lynn to the middle of the ring. Nyla makes a cover, but decides she isn’t finished, then drapes Lynn over the top rope. Rose climbs to the top rope, and drops the guillotine across the back of the neck of Tootie Lynn for another singles victory.

Winner: Nyla Rose

-An ad break highlights former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, and Dark returns to Kansas City, where Nyla Rose is set for action.

Andrade El Idolo vs Warhorse

*Warhorse is searching for his first “All Elite” victory.

AEW fans chant Warhorse for a while, and El Idolo’s assistant causes a distraction. Andrade takes advantage with a cheap shot, and takes control of the early portion of the match. Warhorse finally causes separation, and quickly climbs the top rope, while El Idolo regroups. Warhorse jumps off of the top rope, and gets caught with a an absolutely devastating powerbomb by Andrade on the way down! El Idolo follows up with the Hammerlock DDT, and seals the deal on a victory by hooking the leg for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Andrade El Idolo

Tay Conti vs Miranda Gordy

*Conti is the current number one contender to the AEW Women’s Championship.

The match kicks off with pep in both ladies step, and Conti goes into control of the match right away. Tay tosses Gordy into the corner, and hits consecutive big boots, then calls for her finisher. Tay nails the DD-Tay for the 1-2-3, and puts her opponent away in less than a minute.

Winner: Tay Conti

Wardlow vs Ryan Mantell

*Mantell is 0-3 in his AEW career.

The bell sounds, and Wardlow easily takes down Mantell. Wardlow continues to overpower his opponent, and throws Ryan into the canvas with a powerbomb. Wardlow drapes Mantell on the turnbuckle, and nails the Casualty of War! The referee calls for the match to end, and Wardlow wins the match via ref stoppage.

Winner: Wardlow

Dante Martin (w/ Lio Rush) vs Frankie Kazarian

*Kaz is 30-6 in 2021.

The bell sounds, and both men start the match with a classic tie up. Kazarian hits a takedown on Dante, and goes back to a vertical base, where Martin meets him. A rapid exchange of offensive maneuvers heats up, and Kazarian slows things down with chops. Frankie immediately changes gears, and applies a submission hold, followed by a roll up attempt. Dante kicks out, and Frankie continues to grind his opponent down with an arm hold. Dante finally breaks free, and hits a sunset flip, followed by a pair of drop kicks, and even throws in a snapmare! Dante caps it all of with a senton, and makes the cover, but Kaz kicks out on instinct. Frankie recovers, and tosses Dante over the top rope, then out onto the apron. Kazarian helps Dante back into the ring with a wicked cutter variation, and makes the cover, but Dante somehow gets a shoulder up. The match continues, and Kaz turns Martin inside out with a clothesline. Lio Rush gets involved on the outside, allowing Dante to climb the ropes for a springboard moonsault! Martin hooks the leg, and the referee counts the 1-2-3.

Winner: Dante Martin

Match of the Night: Dante Martin vs Frankie Kazarian

“All Elite” Performer of the Night: Dante Martin