AEW Dynamite Live Results (November 10, 2021): Indiana Farmers Coliseum - Indianapolis, IN

Monday Night Raw

Welcome one and all to the go-home edition of AEW! With Full Gear just days away and promises from Tony Khan on social media of a big show, well, we're about to find out if it lives up to our expectations!

Due to technical difficulties, you're stuck with everyone's favorite substitute teacher, your Wednesday Night Wanker, Mike Hogan. Thanks for joining us for tonight's coverage mid-program. Coverage is supplemented by Wrestling Inc's Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc! Special thanks to Joshua and co.!

AEW Dynamite Live Results (November 10, 2021): Indiana Farmers Coliseum - Indianapolis, IN

We're joining our program already in progress and will update the first hour or so's worth of results after the end of program. Please bare with me! Our results coverage for the first part of tonight's program via the awesome Joshua Gagnon and the fantastic Wrestling Inc!

Singles Match: Bryan Danielson vs Rocky Romero w/ Orange Cassidy

Back in May, Best Friends helped make the save for Romero. Earlier tonight on social media it was announced Best Friends are officially in the NJPW stable, CHAOS. Chain wrestling gets things started in tonight’s AEW Dynamite opener. Crowd with a “Let’s go Bryan!” chant. Romero tries for an early submission, but Danielson gets to the ropes fairly quickly. Waist-lock takedown by Danielson, the two back into the corner, Romero with some back elbows and sends Danielson into the corner. He runs up the ropes and flips out, Romero ends up using Danielson’s momentum to send him out of the ring. Cassidy is near Danielson and puts his hands in his pockets. Romero lands a suicide dive, followed by a chop as Danielson rolls back into the ring.
Romero with a second rope knee drop on his opponent’s shoulder. Both wrestlers trade chops in the corner, Danielson with a flurry of kicks that drop Romero. In the center of the ring, goes for the Romero Special and then wrenches back on the neck for a moment. Romero scrambles and the two end up in the ropes. Danielson with a mean knee to the ribs, kick to the back, more knees. Romero fires back with a springboard spinning DDT. Matt Hardy looking on from ringside and mocks Cassidy’s thumbs up. Kicks to Danielson and then a second rope dropkick to Danielson. He heads out to the floor and lands a hurricanrana off the steps. Back in the ring, running sliced bread, cover, two-count.
Rolling elbow strike, German Suplex with the bridge on Romero for two. The two end up on the top turnbuckle, looks for a back suplex, but Romero counters and crashes down on Danielson, cover, two, straight into a triangle choke! Danielson with a sit-out powerbomb to escape that hold. Danielson is able to work over Romero and looks for a couple submissions. He finally locks in tequila sunrise for the tap out. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)
Your Winner via Submission, Bryan Danielson!

In the Ring: Tony Schiavone with the Inner Circle

Tony Schiavone in the ring to talk with Inner Circle about their upcoming Minneapolis Street Fight at Full Gear. Inner Circle head out to the stage, but are cut off by multiple members of American Top Team. Dan Lambert just laughing away as he watches his guys do their thing. Junior Does Santos tosses Sammy Guevara’s TNT Title aside and punches him in the midsection. Men of the Year jam Santana into the steel steps. A couple weapons are used as Inner Circle are all put down. A table is sent into the ring, which gets set up near the corner.
Jericho is put upon Lambert’s shoulders by Men of the Year and they powerbomb Jericho through the table! Sky takes the mic and yells “Bah God! He might be broken in half!” He says this is just a taste of what they are going to get at Full Gear. Ethan Page says they are not only going to win, but they are going to make sure Lambert pins Jericho. Tonight on AEW Dynamite, he’s going to make Jericho tap out and puts Jericho in the Walls of Jericho. “It’s called a Boston Crab!” Lambert yells into the mic while he applies the hold. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)

Six-Woman Tag Match: AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker, Jamie Hayter & Thunder Rosa vs. Anna Jay, Tay Conti & Thunder Rosa

Brawl immediately starts off as the bell ring. Baker bails out of the ring away from Conti. Rosa and Baker get things started. Crowd fairly split with “Thunder Rosa/DMD!” chants. Both with a couple counters, Rebel ends up tagging in and throws a few strikes, but takes a hip toss and a dropkick. Rosa with a face-buster across the knee. Rosa with a chop in the corner, tags in Jay who then tosses Rosa into Rebel. Jay tosses Rebel. action spills out to the floor and Team Baker all beat up on Jay while the ref is keeping back Jay’s partners.
Back in the ring, Jay is able to get some momentum against Baker and finally finds a window to bring in Conti. Hayter tags in, but gets quickly dropped. Baker tries to get involved and dropped too. Conti with a bunch of pump kicks in the corner on all three members of Team Baker. Hits the Tay-KO on Hayter, but Baker breaks up the pin and clocks both Rosa and Jay. Rolling elbow strike on Conti. Backbreaker on Conti, cover, Rosa stops that. Everybody landing a big strike on each other. Jay and Baker traded superkicks. Rosa up on the top rope and splashes down on Hayter, landing kind of high towards her head, ouch. In the ring, Conti hits a big kick to Rebel, Conti with a DDT as Baker thought about coming into the ring, but stayed away. Cover on Rebel and that will do it. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)
Your Winners, Anna Jay, Tay Conti, and Thunder Rosa!

Singles Match: Jungle Boy vs Anthony Bowens w/ Max Caster

Caster on the mic before the match gets going. Caster rips on Jungle stuttering on every promo and leaving his girlfriend (Anna Jay) alone with seven guys (Dark Order). “You’re so progressive I’ve gotta empathize, ‘cuz you leave your girlfriend alone with 7 guys.” Both trade some waistlocks until Bowens sends JB to the mat. Bowens taunts his opponent and gets popped in the face. JB with some strikes in the corner, kick to the back of the leg, then one to the face. Chop to the chest, looks for a top rope move, but takes a knee to the midsection to stop that.
JB with some shots, climbs the ropes, flips down and hits an arm drag, dropkick, kip-up, and the crowd roars. Commentary jokes about his “rugged look” tonight since JB grew out the facial hair a bit. Caster gets a little too close to the action and gets his hat ripped off by JB. JB tried to avoid Bowens, gets grabbed by the hair and takes a headbutt to the back of the head. JB on the apron, Caster grabs his foot while the ref is distracted by Bowens. Bowens with a kick to the midsection and drives his knee into JB’s head.
JB lands an elbow strike, couple chops, basement dropkick, comebacker lariat flattens Bowens. Bowens with some combination offense of his own, plants JB, pin attempt, two. Caster up on the apron and JB sends him out to the floor while trying to apply the snare trap. He ends up hitting a suicide dive on Caster. He gets on the apron and Bowens with a draping reverse DDT, cover, two. Bowens lifts JB up, counter right into snare trap, Caster reaches out to his partner, but Bowens taps out. Post-match, Bobby Fish runs to the ring and kicks JB down from the second rope as he celebrated. Fish with some more strikes and knees to the midsection, releases overhead suplex into the ropes. Out runs Christian Cage and Luchasaurus to clear out Fish. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)
Your Winner by Submission, Jungle Boy!

Backstage Segment: the Young Bucks and Adam Cole

Backstage, The Young Bucks and Adam Cole chat. Cole then says he’s known someone for a long time to Matt and Nick, and wants to introduce Bobby Fish. Matt says he knows Fish is the new guy in AEW, but there is no dispute (lol…), there’s only The Elite and The Superkliq. Matt continues that anybody Cole vouches for they are good with. Cole says Fish can take on Jungle Boy this Friday on Rampage and bring him down a notch before Full Gear. The group heads off. Commentary describes Fish as a “mercenary” for Cole. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)

Singles Match: Wheeler Yuta w/ Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy vs Wardlow

Yuta with a dropkick, tries for another and gets swiped away, then slammed down. Wheeler looks for a springboard cutter, but slips off and doesn’t catch Wardlow. Wardlow quickly picks him up and drops him to the mat. He then powerbombs Yuta down to the mat. Crowd wants another. He hits a second one. Crowd asks for another one and Wardlow delivers. He then hits a fourth one! Crowd cheers on the…bad guy? Yuta put up on the top rope, then Wardlow hits a rising knee strike as Yuta drops down, cover, 1-2-3. Post-match, Isiah Kassidy and The Blade run down to the ring and put both Taylor and Cassidy down. Matt Hardy strolls into the ring with a chair. Chair strike to Taylor. He then puts the chair around Cassidy’s neck and hits twist of fate! Kassidy recording all of this with Hardy’s phone. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)
Your Winner, Wardlow!

Tag Team Match: Matt Sydal & Lee Moriarty vs Leo Rush & Dante Martin

After introductions, we get the Dynamite debut of Leo Rush. Rush and Martin start off strong against Matt Sydal & Moriarty. Our commentary team praise Rush and Sydal's agility as the former Evan Bourne squares off with Leo Rush. The match goes back and forth with a lively crowd as we head to a commercial. We return from break to find Moriarty and Rush going at it. Rush counters an uppercut. Rush performs a standing switch followed by a pop-up spinning driver. Sydal and Moriarty look to double-team Leo, but Rush easily cleans the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Sydal & Moriarty hit the ring again and, again, Leo Rush clears house! Rush takes out both opponents with a pair of suicide dives. Rush takes Moriarty into the ring and hits a corkscrew driver for a close two. The crowd is loudly behind Rush and the match in general. Rush tags in Dante Martin. Rush sits upon the top turnbuckle while Martin climbs behind him. Sydal charges and takes out Rush; Moriarty with a headscissors toss off the top turnbuckle, followed by an uppercut for a close cover. Rush and Martin quickly work together to put away Sydal and Moriarty to a huge pop.
Your Winners, Leo Rush and Dante Martin!

Video Promo: Miro

The artist formerly known as Mr. Lana cuts a warning promo to any who stands in his way for the tournament. Miro goes on to tell the camera that we should say goodbye to our wives so he can say hello to his. During the promo, Miro states his desire to bury the champion beneath him and establish his dominance. We head to break.

Singles Match: Dax Harwood w/ Tully Blanchard vs "the Bastard" PAC

Harwood makes his way out with Blanchard as Excalibur and Good Ol' JR remind us that if anyone knows how to prepare for a main event, it's Blanchard and that plays to Harwood's favor. We're reminded all other wrestlers are banned from ringside. Out next is "the Bastard" PAC! The other members of Death Triangle are not accompanying PAC tonight. The bell rings and both men take a moment, soaking it all in. Finally they lock up with neither man budging. They break, pause, then lock up again. PAC stumbles and Harwood uses it to his advantage, taking the Bastard into the corner. The ref yells warnings and finally Dax heeds her warnings. Harwood's sporting a cool Celtic Cross kino tape-job. Dax with an arm wrench. PAC counters with an arm wringer of his own. PAC drops Dax twice with shoulder blocks, followed by a hip top toss and an textbook scoop slam. Both men jockey for position and end on their feet, getting a pop from the wrestling-technique appreciating fans. The Indianapolis crowd with a big chant until Harwood lays out PAC with a big clothesline. PAC suckers Dax in and hits a spinning rear kick. PAC with a series of chest slaps and chops, battering Dax in the corner as the ref warns him off again. Harwood with a kick to the gut and a standing switch. Dax fires off a chop but PAC fights out of the corner with a series of more chops. Dax with a big right that stumbles PAC. Harwood looks to capitalize, running at PAC. The Bastard ducks under, catches Dax on the rebound and uses Harwood's quick momentum for a snap German Suplex. PAC sends Dax outside. PAC with a tope to wipe out Dax at ringside as we go to break!
Back from the break! During the break, PAC kept up with the chops and out come the black gloves for the ref. Harwood's chest is bleeding from the savage chaps. PAC hits a huge dropkick to the back of Harwood's shoulders and neck, sending him flying like a rag-doll. The ref checks on Harwood as does Blanchard. PAC heads up the ropes to cheers but the veteran Harwood wisely rolls across the ring and out of range. Harwood uses the ropes to pull himself up and Blanchard offers a few words of advise. PAC aggressively goes right after Dax in the corner. Tully interferes, shoving Dax out of the way of a strike--and the ref issues a warning. Harwood drives PAC into the mat and covers, but only garners a two. JR reminds us that Harwood doesn't want to go into Saturday's Full Gear title shot with a loss. PAC again lays out Harwood and climbs up, looking for the Black Arrow. Harwood has it scouted and quickly rises, striking PAC. Harwood looks for a super-back suplex and connects! Big "this is awesome" chant from the crowd as we get replays and Tony praises PAC's ability. As we approach our time limit, PAC quickly picks up the win despite Blanchard's best "coaching assistance" for Dax.
Your Winner, "the Bastard" PAC!

After the Match: Chaos

PAC keeping the hold applied, Cash Wheeler runs into the ring and clocks PAC. He stomps away at him over and over with Tully helping out. The lights go out for a moment. They come back on both Andrade El Idolo and Malakai Black are in the ring. Both guys help with the attack on PAC. Cody Rhodes, Rey Fenix, and Penta all hit the ring to help out. An all out brawl is going down now. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)

Contract Signing/Main Event Segment: Tony Khan, AEW Champion Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page

Tony is in the ring for the contract signing between AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and Hangman Page. Tony Khan banned everyone from the ring. Page goes to sign the contract, but he takes the mic and says he’s not sure what’s left to say. The soon he signs the contract, the sooner he gets to Full Gear to beat Omega’s ass and take the title. He signs the contract.
Omega talks to Page about how they were once friends and family. He says everything in AEW was meant for Page, but if it wasn’t for his failures and insecurities, he’d have it. “What a disappointment,” Omega says. Page says Omega was always afraid of him. Omega never wanted to light a fire under Page’s ass so he’ll become champion and take what Omega has. Omega counters he cared about Page. He wants to shake Page’s hand one last time before they kill it at the PPV. They both shake hands. Omega says he’s proud of Page and walks to the apron. The cameraman then clocks Page with the camera! It’s Don Callis. Page is bleeding from the head. Omega then signs the contract in Page’s blood as the show comes to an end. (Results courtesy Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc)

In Closing

And that does it for tonight's program! Thank you all for stopping by, and we appreciate your patience with the technical difficulties! Once again a huge thanks to Joshua Gagnon/Wrestling Inc for their assistance with tonight's results! We look forward to seeing you Friday for SmackDown & Rampage! Stay warm, stay frosty, and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs.

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