AEW News: Erick Rowan's Status, Jon Huber Was Needing Lung Transplant Before Death

-- The plan right now for Erick Rowan and AEW was for him to simply have a one-off appearance for the Jon Huber tribute show, however, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that “anything can change in the future.”

-- Jon Huber was initially hospitalized in Tampa but when his “lungs stopped working” according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and as his condition worsened, it became a certainty that he was going to need a lung transplant. There were going to be obvious delays though as he would have to get on a waiting list, qualify, match up with a donor who would match up with his relatively large size. Unfortunately, his condition never improved to the point where a transplant was even really considered and the Observer notes that for two months, there were people in AEW who knew that the end result was going to end badly.