Alexa Bliss Talks About Interviewing *NSYNC Members, Real-Life Boyfriend For Her New WWE Podcast

Alexa Bliss recently spoke with TV Insider to promote the launch of her new official WWE podcast, Uncool With Alexa Bliss. The show is scheduled to premiere next Tuesday, September 22, 2020, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday.

The idea of the podcast is for celebrities to come on and share awkward moments, first dates and embarrassing stories as a way to show audiences how it’s "cool to be uncool."

Scheduled as guests for her first handful of shows are celebrities such as The Miz, The Bella Twins, Jon Heder, Lance Bass, Nikki Glaser, Taylor Hanson, Ryan Cabrera and James Iglehart, just to name a few.

During the interview, "The Goddess of WWE" explained why she picked The Miz to be her first guest on the new podcast, talking to Lance Bass of *NSYNC, her boyfriend Ryan Cabrera and others on the show and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights of the new TV Insider interview with Alexa Bliss.

On interviewing Lance Bass of *NSYNC fame for the show and growing up as a big boy-band fan: "I also interviewed Chris [Kirkpatrick] and Joey [Fatone] as well. Theirs is going to be used for behind the scenes content, or maybe fingers crossed, on a Season 2. It was great. I’ve met Lance before. We hung out. Him and his husband are super sweet. I knew that I wanted to get him on the podcast immediately. Growing up I loved *NSYNC, but I loved Lance. I was not a Justin [Timberlake] girl. I was a Lance girl. I was at the *NSYNC concert in Columbus, Ohio. I yelled out, “Lance I love you.” And he didn’t respond. I called him out on that. We talk about a lot of cool stuff with Lance like growing up in the limelight, having the opportunity to hear about being in arguably the biggest boy band ever. I know a lot of Backstreet Boys fans are going to hate me for that. Feeling the way he felt growing up in those teenage years. We talked about his first dates. It was a lot of fun."

On having her real-life boyfriend Ryan Cabrera as a guest on the show: "From day one since we’ve met, he has never had a filter. He doesn’t care. He’d rather be open and honest about the embarrassing things that have happened in his life. A lot of the stories we talk about I’ve already known. But to hear him talk about them and be ready for the world to hear them is actually really funny. We talk about how he would go door-to-door to sorority houses and play for them in hopes they would come to his show later. We talked about his encounters with celebrities. How embarrassing they were."

On choosing The Miz as the guest for the debut episode of her new "Uncool With Alexa Bliss" podcast: "I think Miz and I get along so well. He has such a big personality, and you have to kick it off with a strong personality. The stories he tells, it’s a perfect episode to start it out. It shows this is what the podcast is and about. The Miz is the perfect debut episode because his stories are so relatable to what the podcast is about."

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