Backstage Reason On Why WWE Announced Raw Matches Late in the Afternoon

-- Last night, WWE aired Monday Night Raw and while it is not uncommon for the company to announce matches throughout the day as the script for the show is finalized, yesterday's show didn't have any announced matches until approximately 90 minutes before Raw went on air. Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda noted that the reason for this is because Vince McMahon didn't even look at the first draft of the script until this morning when he boarded the company's corporate jet.

-- The report also notes that there appears to be some disconnect on the writing team on Raw as the two individuals who are responsible for the writing team for Monday nights are "not up to the task of getting the show done in time" or "getting input from talent" in a timely manner. The source added that “Raw has really fallen apart without Heyman driving the creative" which is interesting in that Heyman's dismissal was supposed to streamline the creative process.