Beth Phoenix On What She Did To Get Molly Holly In The WWE HOF

WWE Hall of Famer and NXT commentator Beth Phoenix recently made an appearance on an episode of Renee Paquette's Oral Sessions podcast to talk about how Molly Holly gave her an opportunity and helped her out to improve and hone her skills.

Beth Phoenix said:

“Everyone wants the drama, and it’s not necessarily headline news to be like ‘no this person is like a living angel.”‘ “And she worked with, basically a fan, and I sucked at the time. The match that I gave her, I was not good. But Molly just saw in me I guess maybe a passion and a commitment and just want and desire to improve. And that’s what she gave me, the opportunity to be able to improve when I wasn’t financially in the situation where I could make it happen.”

“There was a time where maybe those stories wouldn’t get the traction. But I’m so proud to tell those stories, because it’s like the more we normalize that, we’re going to see that it’s not a bunch of drama and cattiness. There is a lot of folks helping out each other. And there’s a lot of men that help the women too. It wasn’t all ‘the men are holding us down! Blah blah blah.’ There were so many advocates for the women to be better and get more opportunities. Fit Finlay, Dustin (Rhodes); there’s so many guys fighting for us and taking us aside and helping. I don’t know, it wasn’t always the way it was painted out to be if that makes sense.”

Beth Phoenix then talked about what she did in order to get Molly Holly inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Beth Phoenix said:

“Oh I was so excited.” “So here’s the thing. In my documentary, they didn’t end up using the footage, but I shamelessly was trolling throughout that documentary. I was showing things that Molly gave me or whatever and I was like ‘here’s the gear she gave me. Molly Holly, future Hall of Famer. Molly Holly, got to go in the Hall of Fame!’ And just randomly, because I knew it was around that time and we didn’t hear any names announced for Hall of Fame, I was like ‘Victoria, Jazz and Molly Holly need to go into the Hall of Fame’ on Twitter.”

“And I think they had already recorded The Bump telling Molly. So I didn’t know, I had no idea. So I was so excited. I was like, trying to speak it into the existence. Sometimes reminding everybody helps and like ‘oh yeah. This person, how have we not highlighted this person yet?’ I think it’s awesome to see people get their due who are not only talented in the ring and have helped a lot of folks, but also just, like Molly, just done so much behind the scenes. She’s so treasured and respected. And I think we’re at a stage now where being a good person is being rewarded, and I think that’s awesome.”