Kurt Angle Talks If A WWE-Produced WCW Show Could Have Worked

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently took to his The Kurt Angle Show podcast and discussed if a show produced by WWE of WCW could have worked out similar to when WWE produced their own version of ECW.

Kurt Angle said:

“I don’t know, the fans are so smart, they know that the WWE purchased WCW.” “When there’s a ratings war and there are two companies with two different owners, fans get excited, they want to see that, they want to compare the companies. But when one company buys every other company, the excitement is gone. It’s no longer the ‘Real WCW’ or the ‘Real ECW’, it’s the WWE’s version of WCW or ECW. I think that’s the reason why it didn’t work either time.”

Kurt Angle then spoke about how WWE could have gotten more out of the Invasion angle if they would've just continued working on it.

Kurt Angle said:

“I think that WWE could’ve went a little further with the Invasion.” “I think if they would’ve continued on it would’ve made a lot more money because it was very intriguing to the fans, there’s no doubt about that. For some reason they wanted to see WCW vs. the WWE and I’m not surprised. I am surprised that Vince ended it abruptly, that he didn’t continue on with it, but I know that we have pay per views like SummerSlam that is more of its own theme than it would be, SummerSlam Invasion. There are certain things that we don’t change, we don’t adapt too because we have these prestigious pay per views. I don’t think Vince wanted to tap into those with the Invasion angle.”

Kurt Angle then spoke about how Vince McMahon will never admit that something was a failure.

Kurt Angle said:

“Honestly, you’re never going to see Vince say ‘F***, that didn’t go off right,’“ “He’s pretty stubborn and he sticks by his guns. When he does something, he follows through with it and he backs it up. Vince has never been sorry about anything in his life. He’s always sure about what he does, there’s no doubt about that.”