Big Change Announced For Elimination Chamber Match

As reported here during the February 15, 2021 episode of WWE Monday Night RAW "Go-Home" Edition, there has been a surprise twist when it comes to this weekend's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view match, and it's all due to a statement made on MizTV during tonight's episode of RAW.

The opening of WWE Monday Night RAW saw The Miz and his first (and only) guest discussing the upcoming Elimination Chamber Match as The Miz recapped McIntyre's best friend turning on him and McIntyre having to take on 5 former WWE Champions to even GET to the Wrestlemania 2021 Pay-Per-View event. At that point, Drew McIntyre interrupted The Miz stating, "Shut the hell up!" McIntyre then warned Miz not to interrupt him, or Miz would regret it. McIntyre began speaking and Miz interrupted to mockingly agree with McIntyre when suddenly Miz was hit with the Glasgow Kiss Headbutt sending Miz to the canvas. McIntyre then exited the ring completely frustrated.

The Miz got back to his feet and stated the pressure must be getting to McIntyre. The Miz then announced that he was removing himself from the Elimination Chamber Match at this Sunday's pay-per-view. leaving the spot open!

Not long after his announcement in the ring, The Miz spoke to Adam Pearce backstage saying he wanted to "give back" and give his spot to a deserving "up and comer" ready to take the brass ring. Miz then announced he wanted to give his spot to John Morrison. Pearce was skeptical, but humoring Miz, he said he would take it into consideration.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods then met up with Adam Pearce backstage arguing that Miz shouldn't be allowed to give his spot away to his friend, John Morrison. The Miz showed up and argued with Kingston and Woods when Pearce came up with the idea of The Miz competing in a match against Kofi Kingston, the winner would get to choose what to do with the open Elimination Chamber spot. The match followed not long after and Kofi Kingston walked away with the win and the spot in this weekend's Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view match!