Billy Corgan On Why Nick Aldis Has Stayed Loyal To The NWA And Has Not Signed With Another Promotion

NWA owner Billy Corgan recently appeared on an episode of Talk Is Jericho, where he first spoke about why Nick Aldis has stayed loyal to the NWA and why he has not signed with another promotion.

Billy Corgan said:

“I think to be fair, Nick was incredibly undervalued before his NWA tenure. I think he’s proven to the world that he’s a main event guy. Set that aside, that’s a given to me. If people disagree with that assertion, then they’re not going to like what I have to say after this. Here’s the thing about Nick. Nick and I are a little similar in that we want to prove it our way. Nick’s vision of professional wrestling and mine are not exactly the same. I’m probably a little bit more on the gaga side. He’s a little bit more on the physicality, U.K. stiff upper lip side, but we’re sort of in the general neighborhood. The thing is, I don’t want to speak for him because he can certainly speak for himself, but my sense of it is he believes if the NWA wins, he wins it all. He doesn’t necessarily believe that if he goes to another company, he can win it all. He’s dealt with the politics. He’s dealt with the guys burying him. He’s dealt with people asking him to go out when he’s concussed. He’s been through all that part of the business. When we called him about the NWA, he was pretty much out of the business. Look, it’s wrestling. Was he out, out? Probably not, but he was definitely down on the whole thing because he had a sour experience. Even think about when they brought him back. He came back to Impact for a hot second after I left. He wasn’t even on the main show. They had him do a surprise appearance for an internet segment. This guy was a former top guy in the company. Look at him. He looks great. He definitely can work. He comes back and he’s on a scrum on the ramp. They buried him out the door. They didn’t give him a chance to get over. At least with me, he knows nothing is going to stop you. Literally, nothing is going to stop you. You will go as far as I can go where I will go as far as you can go. So, we are twins in that. Whether he stays, goes, that’s of course a family decision between him and Mickie (James) and all that stuff. The point is, I really believe in meritocracy. I think my sense of it is that Nick believes if he wins, I win, and if I win, he wins, and he wins it all. He calls himself the dealer. That’s one of his names. He’s playing a hand to win the whole jackpot. He wants to go down as an absolute legend.”

Billy Corgan then talked about how the NWA Women’s Championship Match between Serena Deeb and Thunder Rosa came about.

Billy Corgan said:

“That was an interesting thing because we had a situation where Serena, before she came in AEW, was supposed to do a date with us for the title. That date was still on the books and it didn’t happen. There was a situation where we still wanted Serena to come in and do the date if possible. I reached out to Tony (Khan) and he was totally cool with it. I said, ‘I have an idea to run by you. If you’re cool with it, I would like to put the title on Serena. I think she’s more than worthy. She’s fantastic right now. I’ve never seen her better.’ He said, ‘Ok, I like it. That’s kind of interesting.’ I said, ‘How about having Thunder Rosa chase her back in AEW?’ He liked that. The great part of that was then Thunder Rosa got over with the AEW fans, and of course, everything happened from that. It turned out to be a boom not only for Thunder Rosa, but a great way to keep the NWA name in the flow a little bit while we were down. I’m very appreciative of Tony doing that. He’s been so great to work with on that level. I hope we can do more. He’s been very generous about that. We’ve talked about stuff, but nothing has really clicked.”