Evan Husney and Jason Eisener Of Dark Side Of The Ring On What Jake Roberts Wanted To Accomplish With Grizzly Smith Episode

Evan Husney and Jason Eisener of Dark Side of the Ring recently discussed the episode, "In the Shadow of Grizzly Smith" on the Dark Side Podcast, where they talked about The Rock reaching out to Eisener.

Jason Eisener said:

“He (The Rock) had reached out a few days prior. He had seen the episode. I think we try to send him the episodes when we can. He saw it and was deeply affected by it. He reached out after watching it and he said he wanted to help spread the news about this episode. He thought the episode really had the power to help people that were maybe going through some of the same things that the Smith family had gone through. He felt that he could use his voice to elevate it and spread it out there more. He thought his following is something they could be interested in or learn from. He’s still very in tune with the wrestling world. Jake was somebody who he probably grew up around. He wanted to be able to show support for that side of his life.”

Evan Husney then talked about what Jake Roberts wanted to accomplish with the Grizzly Smith episode.

Evan Husney said:

“I first reached out to one of Jake’s daughters, Codi, and talked to her about it. She was basically like, ‘Jake loves you guys. He would love to work with you guys, but wants to find a different angle to tell his story that’s not the same that has been out there for so many years.’ I called Jake and pitched him the idea of, we want to do this. We want to go back to this troubling time. He was all about it if it could be under the guise of helping people and trying to really be inspirational in that way. That’s the genesis of it. He then talked to his siblings, whom he’s not that close to today.”