Bray Wyatt Wants To Fight John Cena In A Bar Deathmatch In Case WrestleMania Gets Postponed

Former Universal champion Bray Wyatt took to Twitter and stated that if WrestleMania 36 gets canceled due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, he'll challenge John Cena to a bar fight deathmatch. Wyatt doubles-down on his post by naming the place of the showdown...Hooters. He also claims that he's not kidding.

If WrestleMania gets delayed The FIEND hereby challenges @JohnCena to a Bar Fight DeathmatchTrade mark sign. This will take place at @Hooters. Not kidding.

Wyatt and Cena had quite the confrontation on last night's empty arena SmackDown from the Performance Center, where he promised that The Fiend would slaughter the Cenation leader at the "Show of shows." You can check out that, as well as his tweet, below.