Chelsea Green Says She Wants To Pose For Playboy And Star In A Horror Movie

Chelsea Green, who was one of the talents recently released by the WWE reportedly due to budget cuts, spoke with on things she has listed on her bucket list prior to her being cleared to once again compete or sign with a new promotion. According to Chelsea, she has a bucket list of things she wants to do, one of which is star and be killed in a horror movie and the second thing is to pose for Playboy magazine.

Green said, “I have a bucket list of things I wanna do… Definitely I wanna be killed in a horror movie.” “I’ve always wanted that, I always found it so hilarious where you see the girl running and they always trip and fall, and then they get killed. It’s just how it works! So I wanna be that girl." “Right now, I’m trying to work at making contacts in Playboy to hopefully do that.”

Green then said that competing on the independent scene is what she really wants to do, but companies such as IMPACT Wrestling, AEW and ROH are all in her wish list of destinations.

Green said, “I think that was genius of him, to get himself out there and to wrestle people he would never have been able to wrestle,” “That’s what I really wanna do,” she added, while noting that IMPACT Wrestling, AEW and Ring of Honor are all in her wish list of destinations.”