Daniel Bryan's WWE Contract Has Expired; Future Unclear

-- According to multiple sources, Daniel Bryan's contract with WWE has expired - reportedly after this past Friday's Smackdown and his future in WWE or wrestling in general is unclear. Fightfulselect.com was the first to report the news of the expiration, noting that news made its way around backstage that his deal was ending but that Bryan wasn't talking about his status and nobody noticed any "farewells" taking place. Despite the fact that he is now officially a free agent, this doesn't mean that Bryan is done with WWE as he could have re-signed a new deal since last week, or continue working for the company without a contract as he has been outspoken about his desire to do "unconventional" work for WWE moving forward. Dave Meltzer of f4wonline.com reports that WWE has been pushing hard for Daniel to sign a new agreement.