FTR's Cash Wheeler Says Road Dogg Talked Behind People's Backs & Tries to Bury Them

-- On Friday, Dax Harwood of AEW's FTR tweeted to wish Shawn Michaels a happy birthday but took the opportunity to throw some shade as he then posted a picture of the "greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of wrestling boots" but instead of Michaels, it was a photo of Bret Hart. Former WWE star Rusev then asked Harwood why he didn't tag anyone in the pic, which prompted WWE's Brian Jame (Road Dogg) to remark that he has "no guts." This escalated the situation as Cash Wheeler of FTR then joined the conversation to accuse James of being the one with no guts while also suggesting that he talks behind talent's back and tries to bury them. Road Dogg then tweets that he thought the whole thing was sort of a rib and he didn't realize that Cash was being serious.