Hillsborough County Stops Short of Making Decision on WWE's WrestleMania 36 For Now

-- Hillsborough County officials held a press conference today to brief the public about how the region is responding to the coronavirus outbreak that is wreaking havoc with the world. In regards to WrestleMania 36 that is scheduled to be held in Tampa, there was some confusion as the county commissioner seemed to think that WWE was holding their own press conference to relay how they would be proceeding with the event (WWE has since communicated that there was an error and no press conference was ever held or even planned).

-- County officials then said that because there are still several weeks left until WrestleMania, they don't want to prematurely cancel the event and will instead give it another week or so before re-assessing. It was also implied that they will wait for WWE's decision on whether to go forward with the event given the current circumstances and that if the promotion doesn't cancel or reschedule the event, then the county will reconvene to determine next steps. The inference was that WWE may step forward and announce their plans in the coming days and weeks, thereby not forcing city or county officials to make that decision for them.

"We know that right now WrestleMania is out about three weeks, and we came to the conclusion right now we don't want to pull that plug. However, we wanted to give it at least a week to see what was going to happen, if the WWE was going to do anything at all. And if they don't, at that point I would suggest we do bring this body back together in an emergency meeting to discuss what we do at that point in time."