IMPACT Wrestling Announces They Have Ended Their Relationship With Tessa Blanchard

-- IMPACT Wrestling released a statement yesterday, confirming that they have ended their relationship with Tessa Blanchard, stripping her of their world title and presumably making the championship vacant:

IMPACT Wrestling has confirmed that it has terminated its relationship with Tessa Blanchard and stripped her of the IMPACT Wrestling World Championship.

-- reports that the release comes amid a worsening relationship between the two parties in recent weeks, coming to a head when Blanchard failed to send in taped promos from her residence in Mexico. The company had hoped to use the footage to edit into a sit-down interview that would have appeared to be an interview by her via satellite. When the material was not received, IMPACT was forced to re-edit the episode. Furthermore, multiple attempts were made to get Blanchard to return and drop the title she was holding, but that obviously didn't happen either. Her contract with IMPACT was set to expire shortly before the next PPV and the hope was that she would return for that one final appearance. As it become more and more clear that that wasn't going to happen, the promotion decided to cut ties with her and vacate the title.