Impact's Kiera Hogan Talks The Importance Of The Knockouts Tag Titles To The Division

IMPACT star Kiera Hogan recently spoke to WrestleZone about the return of the Knockouts tag titles, and how she and partner Tasha Steelz are feeling confident that they'll be crowned champions at the upcoming Hard To Kill pay per view. Highlights are below.

Says she's happy the Knockouts tag titles have returned:

First and foremost I just want to say that finally, we have these Knockouts Tag Team titles. I don’t know how long the Knockouts division was bugging IMPACT Wrestling to give us these tag team titles because honestly, with all of the women we have in the division, it’s about time. All [of us], i.e. me, haven’t been able to go up for that main Knockouts title. so I’m glad that we finally have some more titles for us to actually go for.

Feels confident that she and Tasha Steelz will be crowned the first champions:

Sitting on it and waiting—obviously, we got crowned as the first team to go to the finals because we’re the best team, and obviously the first team is going to be the winning team—but to find out that Havok and Nevaeh are in the finals with’s already even more in the bag because we beat them before and we beat them in a no DQ match! It’s already all good, it’s smooth sailing for us and we’re ready. We’re ready to be crowned as the champions and ready for this year. We’re ready to get lit in this new year. This heat wave is on a roll, OK?

Hypes the finals at Hard To Kill:

People can always be behind the crowd favorite and we just have to stay incognito. You know, even though we’re loud and people are annoyed by us and everything that we say and do, I feel like they were just not prepared for us to do this, to take all of the Ws. They weren’t prepared, and you can say we’re the underdogs, and that’s exactly what we’ve been since the beginning. Since I got to the company, since Tasha got to the company, we’ve been the underdogs and to start off the way that we did,” Hogan said, “even as a tag team that progressed to the level that we did, we’ve literally been the underdogs since day one. I feel like people are finally going to just understand why we are the best and why we are going for these titles at Hard To Kill. That’s exactly what we are, we’re hard to kill, especially me. I’ve been there for four years now and I’m ready to prove it. I’m ready to leave it all in the ring and leave it all on the line.