Jericho Negotiated with WWE & AEW, Details of His Contract & Other AEW Deals

-- On yesterday's Wrestling Observer Radio, it was noted that Chris Jericho negotiated with WWE until the last minute while still negotiating with All Elite Wrestling. Jericho stated that AEW gave him the "best" deal of his career, as he signed a three-year contract that allows him to work in NJPW which is something that WWE would never offer him.

-- It was added that AEW has signed talent to different types of contracts that are deemed friendly to the wrestlers, for example, Joey Janela will be able to work some independent dates and Jericho will also be able to still do his annual wrestling cruise as well. Other talent though are completely exclusive so there are definitely different types of contracts but ultimately the company wants to do what is best for the wrestlers as long as in the end, they are there for AEW.

-- As noted by Brandi Rhodes at the All Elite Wrestling rally, the company is looking to recruit a top women's division from wrestlers all around the world. Wrestling Observer Radio notes that one talent on their list was Viper (who wrestled in WWE's Mae Young Classic as Piper Niven) but when her contract with Stardom is up, she is likely headed to WWE instead of AEW.