Jim Ross Says Personal Issues Between Wrestlers Are Bigger Draws Than Titles, Why He's Not A Fan Of That

On the latest episode of his Grillin JR podcast legendary commentator Jim Ross discussed the distasteful promo made by Randy Orton during the build-up to his match with Rey Mysterio at No Way Out in 2006, where the Viper told the lucha-libre legend that his long-time friend Eddie Guerrero, who had just passed away, was "in hell." Ross would go on to discuss how personal issues always draw more in wrestling than just wrestling for titles, something that he regrets allowing the business to do.

Oh yeah, absolutely it's a crutch. It's a lack of creativity, it's just a lack of, well, we didn't have anything better, so here's what we came up with. you know. Personal issues draw more money than titles, they always have they always will. That's not me knocking titles, because that would be silly and irresponsible. I don't know, man, I think that we really missed the boat on that deal. The more that I think about it the more I'm wondering how the hell did we get here and why did we even start this journey this way?

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)