Joey Ryan Files Another Lawsuit; Suing Anthem Sports For Breach of Contract

-- Former IMPACT wrestler Joey Ryan is suing its parent company, Anthem Sports, to the tune of $10 million dollars, alleging that the promotion breached the contract the two parties signed when they released him on 6/22 amid numerous allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual assault that were levied against Ryan.

-- Ryan's lawsuit, which was filed last month, noted that he signed a contract on September 1, 2019 that was to run for two years, expiring on August 31, 2021 but he was abruptly fired on June 22, 2020 despite verbiage in the contract seemingly protecting Ryan from an immediate dismissal. Specifically, Ryan is pointing to the fact that if IMPACT found Ryan guilty of wrongdoing, they would give him a warning, reprimand or notification and allow him 5 days to "cure" the matter. Further to that, verbiage in the deal stated "if the Wrestler is unable to cure such breach after the expiration of the foregoing cure period despite the exercise of diligent efforts to cure same, then the Parties shall make good faith efforts for a period of not less than thirty (30) days to work together in good faith to resolve the matter, failing which Promoter shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement upon the expiry of such additional thirty (30) day period."

-- Ryan is seeking $10 million in damages that he has suffered as well as attorney's fees and other and further "relief" that the court may find him eligible for. The lawsuit was served to Anthem on 9/24 and they have 30 days to respond to it.