Joey Ryan Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Three of His #SpeakingOut Accusers

-- After being accused by multiple women in the #SpeakingOut movement earlier this year, Joey Ryan has filed a lawsuit against three of the women in US court, claiming their false allegations has caused him not only significant financial losses, but has damaged his reputation. In total, Ryan is seeking $15 million in damages by contending the following loss of revenue (separate from his claims of losing social media followers on Twitter and Instagram.

$1500 per month from distribution and streaming services and $2000 per event with two events per month with Bar Wrestling
$1000 per month in merchandising
$3000 per month with Patreon
$500 per month with Cameo
$1000 per month plus subscription shares and tips from subscribers with Twitch
$8000 to $10000 per month in booking fees related to other wrestling events

-- Ryan is seeking $200,000 from each of the three women for each month (since June) for economic damages, $5 million in non-economic damages and $10 million for punitive and exemplary damages.