Killer Kross Image Debuts On NXT

After months of hints and static blurred images, during tonight's WWE NXT on USA Network episode featured the first official glimpse of former Impact Wrestling star, Killer Kross.

COO of NXT Triple H was mediator during a segment at the end of tonight's NXT show, giving Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano the ability to speak without physicality. Triple H announced Gargano and Ciampa would have their final feud in an empty building of his choosing, at which point an address would be sent to both men. A referee would be in attendance, only to declare the match to be over.

As Gargano and Ciampa were staring each other down at the end of the segment, suddenly a video began playing on the jumbotron behind the three superstars, all baffled as they turned in surprise just in time to see several of the images we've seen over the last several weeks. Killer Kross was clearly one of the images in the video as a voice over in what is believed to be Romanian.

The voice is believed to be the Killer Kross's girlfriend Scarlett Bordeaux, coincidentally also recently signed with WWE for the NXT brand. The message supposedly translates to: "Only the man will win and if you lose, the weaker man is done. Now you'll all see pain ... there's a very dangerous man coming. The clock ticks at midnight and the end is near."

No word yet on when Killer Kross is set to officially make his debut, but updates will be posted as they come available.