Rivalry Settling Final Match Set For Gargano Vs. Ciampa

Following The March 26, 2020 episode of NXT on the USA Network, a date was given for the match to end all matches between former best friends turned enemies Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa where the two superstars will square off one final time to end their long-standing rivalry.

Triple H originally stated that a rivalry this huge and this personal deserved to end on the biggest stage, in front of a massive audience, however both superstars agreed they only needed a ring to settle this once and for all. No more, no less.

According to the details for the final match, Triple H will send a text with an address to an empty building of his choosing at which point both Ciampa and Gargano will meet up in a ring provided by H, where a referee will remain (only to confirm when it's over). According to WWE.com the match is set to take place on the April 8th edition of NXT on the USA Network at 8/7 C.

Triple H did note to both superstars that following the bout between the two, this will be the end of the rivalry, no matter the outcome. If either chooses to engage again following the battle, one or both will be gone from NXT, and NXT will continue on without them.

Gargano took to Twitter after NXT went off the air and commented on the final battle with his former friend and DIY tag team partner where he wrote, "It was supposed to end last year but fate stepped in.. It was going to end this year but fate has stepped in yet again.. In 2 weeks I take it out of fate's hands. No grand stage, no smoke and mirrors.. It started with just the two of us and it ends with just the two of us."