Kyle O'Reilly Says NJPW Superstar Would Be A Top Guy In WWE

Prior to his epic showdown with Finn Balor at Takeover 31, NXT star Kyle O'Reilly spoke to the Gorilla Position to hype the bout and talk all things pro-wrestling. During the interview the former multi-time tag champion would be asked who he thinks WWE should bring in from an outside company, a question he had a quick answer for by naming NJPW's Jay White.

Someone that we should get in WWE that’s not here right now? Hmm, that’s a really tough question. A guy I’ve been a fan of for a while and friends with is Jay White. He’s a guy I saw go through the dojo system in Japan and he’s really grown into himself and I think he’s an elite performer and he’s one of the best in the world right now so I think it’s only a matter of time until Jay White is a top guy in WWE in my opinion.

White interviewed earlier today by Sports Illustrated. You can read more about that here. Check out O'Reilly's full comments below. (H/T and transcribed by Post Wrestling)