WWE Monday Night RAW Results (10/5/20): Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Welcome to Rajah.com's WWE Monday Night RAW Results coverage for October 5, 2020! RAW airs LIVE from the Amway Center Arena in Orlando, FL on the USA Network!

Surprise, surprise! It's the one and only Jamie Rush coming to you LIVE from Jacksonville, Florida with tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW Results for the evening, in substitution for the amazing Mike Hogan who is taking the night off to take a breather now that he can breathe again!

Tonight on WWE Monday Night RAW, as Rajah.com's own Jeff Whalen reported earlier today, there will be a @JamieRush312.

WWE Monday Night RAW LIVE Results (10/05/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening

We enter the WWE ThunderDome with a crack of thunder and lightening crossing the screen of the arena. Announced first, a 6-Man Match with Drew McIntyre w/ Street Profits vs. Randy Orton w/ Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. Next we are informed Kevin Owens invited Bray Wyatt as the special guest for tonight's "The KO Show". Commentary asks, the question is, "Will he show up??" All that and more, TONIGHT on WWE Monday Night RAW for October 5, 2020!

Backstage Promo - Randy Orton

We head backstage after the opening announcements for tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW. We see The Legend Killer, Randy Orton, sitting backwards across a chair "I didn't leave Clash of Champions with the WWE Championship. Instead, I left, in an ambulance" Orton begins speaking reluctantly. He says he doesn't remember that ride in the ambulance, but he remembers the match vividly.

He remembers the Big Show's big hand wrapping around his neck and throwing him throw the announcer's table. He remembers Christian ambushing him backstage. He also remembers Shawn Michaels kicking him right between the eyes. Finally, he states he remembers Drew McIntyre kicking him EXACTLY where Orton had kicked McIntyre, then The Nature Boy driving off in the ambulance as the doors shut.

Orton continues on to state he felt nothing but excruciating pain. Orton continues on to state he then saw Drew McIntyre celebrating inside the ring on Monday Night RAW following the WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view. The sight of Drew standing and raising a title he didn't deserve, makes Orton sick. "They laugh, they smile, they even play poker. They toasted with 2/3 of my opponents in victory. As the saying goes, with every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction." Orton states.

Orton shared that that's why last Monday he took the actions he did to reintroduce those 4 men to the Legend Killer. "When I killed the lights, each of those four men saw the same darkness I saw, and each felt the same pain I did." Orton discusses his night vision goggles allowed him to see the looks on their faces as they attempted to stop the inevitable. Orton states Big Show tried to stop him, by swinging both of his arms, which is why Orton smashed both of his arms.

Orton then shares what happened with Christian in the darkness of the VIP Lounge where Orton whispered, "Say hi to Edge". Orton says Shawn Michaels had his chair over his head, but to no avail. Rick Flair had made it to the door, but Orton got to him and Flair witnessed his fate. Orton states he wishes he had seen the reaction on McIntyre's face when he saw the fate of the four men that helped him during the match at Clash.

Orton then turns to the camera now with his arms crossed as he states, "Drew, I am talking directly to you right now. You tell anyone that will listen, that you want to cement your legacy as WWE Champion, you want that legacy so badly, it'll be waiting for you, IF you survive ONE more WWE Championship match INSIDE Hell in the Cell."

A sudden thud through the door, and there's the WWE Champion! Orton looks shocked as McIntyre rushes Orton into the wall stating, "I don't need to turn the lights off to beat the hell out of you!" McIntyre begins pummeling Orton as he shouts, "What do you know about hell? What do you know about hell?" WWE Officials pull McIntyre off of Orton who flees the room as we head to the first commercial break of the evening!

Six Woman Tag-Team Match
Zelina Vega w/ Natalya & Lana vs. Asuka w/ Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

As we return from commercial break, we head into the ring inside the ThunderDome where Zelina Vega is announced as she stands inside the ring, awaiting her tag-team partners for this Six Woman Tag-Team Match-Up. Lana and Natalya make their way to the stage as their entrance theme sounds. The two female superstars make their way down the ramp and join their partner, Vega, inside the ring as they await their opponents.

Out next is Mandy Rose (who made her debut on RAW last week alongside her new tag-team partner, Dana Brooke) and Dana Brooke. The new tag-team pair wait at the top of the stage as their third tag-team partner makes her way out, Asuka! The Emporess of Tomorrow makes her way down the ramp with a strut in her oversized robe and Japanese mask.

All six women stand inside the ring as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this six woman tag-team match is officially underway! Natalya and Dana Brooke kick things off in this first match of the evening on WWE Monday Night RAW. Natalya flips over and gets a Bridge Cover on Dana for a two count! Back to their feet, Dana takes Natalya to the canvas for a cover of her own!

Dana tags in Mandy, quick Double Team action as the referee begins to count. Natalya lands hard and Mandy goes for the cover, Natalya kicking out at two! A Dropkick to the face of Natalya who is back on the canvas as Mandy goes for yet another cover!

Later, Lana tags in and takes it to Mandy inside the ring, slamming Mandy to the canvas and following up with a Kick. Lana then tags Natalya again. Natalya looks for the Sharp Shooter, Lana makes the tag again as Asuka is tagged in by Mandy. Asuka comes in hot, landing a Hip Attack to take Vega off the apron. Asuka then heads in with a Hip Attack on Lana in the corner. Asuka with a Kick to Natalya and a Knee to Lana.

A Sliding Knee Strike to Lana for the cover. Natalya breaks it up and Dana runs in and takes care of Natalya. Pump Knee Strike on Lana by Mandy Rose for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Asuka w/ Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke!

After the Match

We go to replays of the conclusion of the match. Back inside the arena, Asuka, Mandy, and Dana show off their muscles at the top of the stage as they smile and celebrate! Inside the ring, Zelina, Lana, and Natalya are still recovering when suddenly...

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler Head To The Ring

The music for Jax and Baszler sounds as the WWE RAW Women's Tag-Team Champions make their way out and head down the ramp. Zelina flees off the apron. Lana and Natalya exit the ring. For the third time, Jax drives Lana through the Announce Table as we head to commercial break!

Quick Announcement

The 2020 WWE Draft begins on Friday Night SmackDown this Friday and continues on next week's Monday Night RAW on USA Network!

Backstage - R-Truth

We return from commercial break, and Truth is standing backstage with a dry erase board that is titled, "WWE Mock Draft" Truth explains to "Little Jimmy" that he's #3 to go to SmackDown adding it's not his decision. He says he doesn't want Tozawa on the same brand as Little Jimmy as they are "bossum buddies".

Truth turns and looks at someone cleaning the floors. Truth reassures "Little Jimmy" that it's just a janitor, then corrects himself stating it's a "custodian". Truth then turns and sees a referee.

R-Truth vs. Mystery Custodian

Truth asks the ref if he got drafted too, the ref replies no as Truth looks behind himself and sees the "janitor" with a mop hoisted over his head. Truth ducks and the custodian is hit. Truth attempts to run away but slips over the water and the bucket. The custodian then covers Truth and the referee slides over with the three count. The custodian then removes his cap and mask to reveal none other than Drew Gulak! Truth sits up in shock and shouts, "Little Jimmy... we got GOT!"

Winner and NEW 24/7 Champion: Drew Gulak

Video Clip - Last Monday Backstage

We return from commercial break and head into a video clip of Mustafa Ali accidentally exiting The Hurt Business locker room where he is manhandled even after apologizing. Mustafa then gets the last laugh as he pins MVP in a match alongside Apollo Crews and Ricochet to defeat The Hurt Business!

Backstage - Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews

MVP walks up to Ali, Ricochet, and Crews. Ali states he knows MVP is there to explain how he happened to pin MVP. MVP states, "For one night only, there is an opening in The Hurt Business. It doesn't matter if you get drafted to the red or the blue, if you get drafted to the black and the gold, then business is boomin'. You guys are on the clock. "

Crews throws his hand out and tells Ricochet and Ali, "Man don't listen to that, that's classic MVP trying to divide us." Crews and Ali nod their heads as they walk away, Ricochet pauses and looks back at MVP before continuing on.

Seth Rollins and Murphy Head To The Ring

We see Seth Rollins making his way to the ring along with Murphy as we head to commercial break. Commentary notes that Rollins and Murphy will face Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo after the break.

Video - Last Week

We return from the commercial break for a quick video recap of last week’s shenanigans between Murphy, Aalyah and Dominik Mysterio.


We return to the ring, Seth is asking Murphy for the mic, but he’s not giving it to him. Seth is once again bossing Murphy around.

Murphy says he has to get something off of his chest. He says he’s been Seth’s ideal disciple for the last few months. He says if Seth wants him to continue being his disciple, he needs to apologize to Aalyah. Seth gets angry and grabs the mic. He says he saved Murphy and reminds him that he saved him. Seth says he went easy on Aalyah, and that he could’ve shown everyone more of Murphy and Aalyah’s messages, but didn’t. He reminds Murphy that he’s the messiah and Murphy is the disciple.

Carrillo and Dominik rush the ring and attack both heels. Carrillo with a suicide dive as Dominik goes off the top. Both Seth and Murphy are down as we head to commercial. This match starts after the break.

Murphy and Seth Rollins vs Humberto Carrillo and Dominik Mysterio

As we return from commercial break, Dominik and Seth are in the ring to kick off this tag-team match up. Seth immediately takes down Dominik for the pin. Dominik kicks out, Seth takes Dominik to the corner and lays down shots. Murphy with a slap on Seth’s back for the tag. Seth quickly tags himself back in. There’s tons of dissension here.

Gut buster from Seth to Dominik for two. Seth slows down the pace with an abdominal stretch and looks right at Murphy. Seth off the ropes and Murphy tags in as Seth hits a sling blade. Seth yells at Murphy as Humberto tags in. He lands a back elbow and takes out Seth.

Murphy reverses into a DDT, but Dominik interrupts the count. Seth throws Dominik into the barricade on the outside, but Murphy and Seth are jaw-jacking again. Humberto takes out both heels and throws Murphy back into the ring. He goes for a top rope maneuver but Murphy lands a a pump knee for the three. He leaves Seth by himself and walks off.

Winner: Seth Rollins and Murphy

After the Match

We head into replays and commentary notes that Rollins DID need Murphy as Murphy is the one that took care of business.

Back inside the arena, we see Murphy walking off up the ramp away from Rollins. Will Rollins apologize to Aliyah Mysterio?

Backstage - Adam Pearce

We head backstage and Adam Pearce is on the phone "That all depends. I see that. Lemme call you... " The Monster Among Men is standing in Pearce's face. Braun Strowman states he knows there is no RAW Underground tonight, but Strowman didn't drive all that way for no reason, so he's not leaving until he whoops someone's ass. Pearce states technically Strowman isn't a RAW Superstar, so he cannot give him an official match, but he can give him an exhibition.

"If that means somebody is going to get these hands, then I'm alright with it!" Strowman replies as he walks off.

Keith Lee Walks In

Keith Lee then walks up to Pearce drinking his beverage. "Sign me up..." Lee responds, then walks off.

Kevin Owens Heads To The Ring

Kevin Owens music sounds as Owens makes his way down the ramp towards the ring for a new "KO Show" that will start when we return from commercial break!

Backstage - Murphy and Rollins

Murphy is removing his wrist tape as Rollins stomps up and says he will apologize for nothing. Rollins then states he thinks Murphy should apologize to HIM! Rollins says if Murphy wants to continue to be his disciple, he has until 10pm to find Rollins and apologize or there will be "hell to pay!" Rollins walks off.

Quick Announcement

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will respond to The Legend Killer, Randy Orton's challenge in an exclusive interview.

The KO Show

The ring announcer begins to announce Kevin Owens with The KO Show. Owens stops him and states, "Stop, Stop, Mike. It's Ok. You know, usually, I'm excited to get to host the Kevin Owens Show. I'm excited to talk to my guest. Well tonight feels different. Tonight *I* feel different." Owens says at first he couldn't put his finger on it. But then, he realized people are right, when The Fiend touches you, you change. Owens states, "I feel change. Friday Night on SmackDown was my first experience with The Fiend. It's still with me. I still feel it, the anger, the agony, the dread. I guess that's why tonight's different. Tonight's KO Show isn't about a nice chat with my guest, so we're not going to need these." Owens then throws the chairs and tables out of the room. We then see a replay of Alexa Bliss discussing her "change" and "cleanse" by The Fiend during last week's The KO Show. The lights go out, when they return it's a dark red and The Fiend delivers the Mandible Claw to Kevin Owens as the screeching sound goes through the arena.

Back inside the ring, Owens says The Mandible Claw, it's hard to describe how that felt, reaching down his gullet and ripping the breath out of him. "I couldn't think, I couldn't move. I was paralyzed." Owens doesn't understand why all these dark tortured souls have a problem with him Aleister Black, Bray Wyatt, who next? The Brood? The Ministry of Darkness, maybe? Owens states he doesn't care about next week, he cares about now, so that Bray Wyatt can have a nice chat. "Time to pack up the puppets, pack on the sweater vest, let's have a little chat!"

Firefly Funhouse Airs On Jumbotron

Bray Wyatt waves innocently as he states, "Hi Monday Night RAW! Or should I say, Bonjour Mondavei". Wyatt states it's always fun to have someone to finger paint with, to have sleepovers with, or even bury a body in the woods together with. "It's great to have friends" Wyatt says, "Friends stick together through thick and thin, no matter which brand they're on. I wrote a song about it."

Wyatt begins in a raspy voice, "Friends are very special. Friends," Pig sings, "they warm your heart. Sister Abigail sings, "What would we do without them?" Wyatt sings, "Friends" Rambling Rabbit sings, "Til death do us part!" Wyatt asks Owens to sing. Owens says he won't make the WWE Universe watch the Mr. Rogers Reboot, and they're not friends. They could've been friends, but not now that he's been attacked. Not like Alexa Bliss.

Owens continues that he will not be brainwashed, the only thing that matters is that Bray come down and get in the ring with Owens so he doesn't have to wait until Friday to whoop him. "Well that's not very nice, and I don't like bullies, and neither does he." Wyatt responds matter of factly. "As for Alexa Bliss, that's really none of your business..." his voice goes serious, "That's between her and him" Wyatt continues, "So this Friday on SmackDown, you'll know what you got yourself into." Wyatt then snaps out of his mode, speaking brightly again as he exclaims, "Aur Voi!"

"Well, I know what that translates to, and I said I'm not waiting til Friday on SmackDown. You're not coming to me, I'm coming to you..." Owens begins walking up the ramp when suddenly out of the shadows.

Aleister Black Attacks

Black comes from out of nowhere and attacks Owens from behind on the ramp then hits Black Mass, knocking out Owens as we head to commercial break.

Video Clip - Aleister Black Attacks!

We return from commercial break and we get a replay of Aleister Black sneaking out and attacking Kevin Owens on the ramp. We are then sent backstage to Charly Caruso who is with Drew McIntyre.

Backstage Interview - WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

Charly Caruso begins to set up a question about Randy Orton and McIntyre stops her stating he knows the question has to do with Orton. After what Orton did to the Legends last week, every time McIntyre is in the same building with Orton, he's going to kick the crap out of him. "Thank you, the hell is wrong with you Randy? The answer is yes. We both know, what that match does to people. There's nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. I'm not locked in the cell with you. YOU are locked in the cell with Drew McIntyre. With my title and my legacy on the line mate, I'm not sending you to pergatory... I'm sending you straight to hell." McIntyre then walks off.

Announcer's Table

Byron Saxton states Drew McIntyre will defend his title at Hell in the Cell with Randy Orton. Two weeks from Sunday the Hell in the Cell pay-per-view takes place.

We are then informed that Braun Strowman's exhibition match will turn up the intensity after Adam Pearce agreed to the match.

We are then sent into a Burger King moment highlighting Braun Strowman, The Monster Among Men, "tosses men around like bean bags."


Braun Strowman Exhibition Match

We return to the arena as Braun Strowman makes his way to the stage as his music sounds. The 385lb Monster Among Men lets out a roar as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with another roar and pyro goes off around him. Strowman stands in wait.

Keith Lee Joins

"Oh bask in his glory! For he is, Limitless!" Keith Lee's entrance theme sounds as Lee makes his way to the stage with a serious look on his face. Lee then makes his way down the ramp towards the ring where Braun Strowman stares Keith Lee down. Lee makes his way into the ring for this exhibition match, it does not count towards the records.

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. The two lock up. Then stare each other down and circle one another. Again they lock up. Lee is thrown into the ropes, Lee heads into Strowman, Strowman brushes off his shoulder. Lee sends Strowman into the ropes, Strowman returns with a Dropkick that sends Lee to the outside. The referee begins to count. Strowman runs in, Lee stops him dead in his tracks! Lee throws hands, Strowman then throws Lee into the steel stairs. The referee gets to the count of ten!

Disqualification By Count-Out

After the Match

Strowman shouts at the referee he can't be counted out, it's an exhibition. Strowman then states, "Watch this!" as he charges in at Lee, colliding with Lee into the barricade, breaking it as WWE Officials try to get between the two monstrous men!

Lee back to his feet, he flies through the air and sends Strowman flying this time. Nobody can stop them at this point. Lee sends Strowman into the LED Boards as Lee growls as well. Everyone tries to calm Lee and talk him down. Lee sends Strowman off the stage! The carnage cannot be contained!

Strowman shouts, "Get him off me!" Officials soothingly say, "Take it easy, take it easy" as they attempt to assist the two out of the predicament they've put themselves in! We head to commercial break!

Trivia Game - Women's Division

Bianca Belair proves she's the smartest in a trivia match with other members of the WWE Women's Division.

Video Clip - Strowman vs. Lee

We are then sent into a video clip from moments ago where The Monster Among Men and The Limitless One destroy one another in an exhibition match and after!

Backstage - Drew Gulak w/ 24/7 Championship

We head backstage where the new 24/7 Champion, Drew Gulak speaks to his new title, "I'm going to write about you in my book, 'Drew Gulak- A Guide To Preparedness'" Gulak looks up as Truth appears above Gulak and states, "Randy Orton, that's the worst Drew Gulak disguise I've ever seen!"

24/7 Championship Impromptu Match
Drew Gulak (c) vs. R-Truth vs. Akira Tozawa

Gulak falls over and hits a trash can, knocking the lid off. Akira Tozawa appears from inside the fallen trashcan. Gulak, Tozawa, and R-Truth all head into a dumpster. The referee makes the count and Truth gets the three count win!

Winner and New 24/7 Champion (For 42nd Time): R-Truth!

Bobby Lashley & Shelton Benjamin vs. Apollo Crews & Ricochet

Bobbly Lashley makes his way down the ramp accompanied by Shelton Benjamin as both men represent The Hurt Business. Up next Lashley and Benjamin against Ricochet and Apollo Crews!


We return from commercial break and Shelton and Bobby are officially announced for The Hurt Business as they stand inside the ring. Next, MVP gets on the mic stating he needs to clear up some confusion over last week. Ali, Ricochet, and Crews never "beat" The Hurt Business. MVP then states they ARE very talented men, so talented that he welcomed them into a spot on The Hurt Business team. MVP then reiterates that "T-bag" and his squad wanna run around and play tough, but they're gonna learn, when they see the black and gold, prepare to fold! MVP then says they can wear their masks, dressed up for halloween, but THEY are what nightmares are made of.

Apollo Crews & Ricochet Come To The Stage w/ Mustafa Ali

Ali asks what MVP's excuse is this week, because Retributions logo appeared? Ali states MVP pushed, and Ali pushed back. Ricochet interrupts. Ricochet states he knows he has til the end of the night to answer about The Hurt Business, but he didn't wanna keep them waiting... Ricochet pauses. Then states... IT'S A PASS! "I went Labron James on his a, look at him all mad..." Ricochet states.

Ricochet states he's been on the business end of a beat down the past few months, and he didn't run then. Ricochet enters the ring and finishes, "and I ain't runnin' tonight." MVP tells the referee to ring the bell, and punish them, but put special emphasis on Ricochet.

The bell rings, and this tag-team match is officially underway! Ricochet begins with Benjamin inside the ring. Ricochet is taken down. Ricochet tries to get to Apollo Crews, Benjamin pulls him back. Ricochet looks for a Sunset Flip, Benjamin reverses into a Modified Arm Bar! Benjamin tags in Lashley. MVP shouts he wants to hear that POP!

Lashley slams Ricochet to the canvas for the cover, Ricochet kicks out at two! Ricochet sent into the corner, who then counters with a Kick followed by heading off the top. Ricochet then tags in Crews who sends Lashley to the outside as we head to commercial break!

We return from commercial break, Lashley with a long standing Stalling Suplex on Ricochet as the blood rushes to Ricochet's head. Lashley goes for the cover, Ricochet kicks out! MVP keeps his hands behind his back as the humiliation to Ricochet continues. Ricochet defiant as he strikes MVP. Lashley drags Ricochet back and hits the Flat Liner. Lashley tags in Shelton. Ricochet reaches for Crews but is unable to make it to his corner.

The crowd begins to rally behind Ricochet. Ricochet once again reaches for Crews and makes it! Crews comes in hot! Crews sends Benjamin into the corner. Spinebuster to Benjamin followed by a Standing Moonsault for the cover. Lashley breaks the cover. Crews with a Kick to the back of the neck of Lashley. Release German Suplex by Benjamin. Lashley tags in.

Lashley stands in wait, finally going for the spear, Crews flips over Lashley but is still ultimately taken down. Lashley locks in The Hurt Lock which causes Crews to tap!

Winners By Submission: The Hurt Business

After the Match

MVP raises the hands of Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin as Apollo Crews and Ricochet exit the ring and we head into replays.

Ricochet tells The Hurt Business, "We're gonna keep coming back over and over again, until you're tired of us!"

Backstage - Murphy Meets Aliyah Mysterio

"I've been waiting to talk to you all night." Aliyah starts off. Murphy says, "I just wanted to apologize, this whole Seth thing, has gotten way out of hand." Aliyah replies, "Murphy, it's not your fault, but it's not me you need to be worried about. It's Seth. Are you still considering apologizing to him??" Murphy replies, "I don't know..." as he walks off and we head to commercial break.

Backstage - The Hurt Business and Mustafa Ali

We return from commercial break as The Hurt Business is backstage and Mustafa Ali states he wants all three members to be present when he takes on MVP later.

In The Ring - Seth Rollins

We return to the arena as The Monday Night Messiah, Seth Rollins makes his way to the stage as his entrance theme sounds. Rollins makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with a mic. Rollins states, "Alright Murphy, the time as come. Your Messiah awaits your apology."

There is a pause, then Murphy's music sounds. Murphy heads out to the stage with his hands clasped like a good little disciple. Murphy makes his way down the ramp and stops at the bottom of the ramp, looking up at his Messiah. Commentary reminds that Rollins stated, "I don't need you" during their tag-team match. Then how Murphy repeated, "You don't NEED me..." as he made his way up the ramp after winning the match for Rollins.

Rollins states he doesn't wanna mince words, this should be very easy, very simple. All Murphy has to do is apologize, and they can move forward. Murphy pauses once again. Rollins smiles and states, "Come on Murph, you've had a whole hour to maul this over, spit it out, apologize, so we can move on, and serve the greater good."

Murphy looks up at Rollins and doesn't say anything. Rollins states, "What's eating at you? Apologize and we can move on. Oh Murph, you don't wanna go down this road. You've seen first hand what happens to people that stand in the way of the greater good. We've been through so much together. I've plucked you from obscurity. I've saved your career, I've made you the man that you are right now standing in this ring in front of me. All you have to do is apologize Murph." Rollins states with sincerity in his voice.

Murphy still says nothing. Rollins tone changes to a more forceful and angered voice as he repeats, "All, you have to do... is apologize. Murph." Rollins shouts, "It shouldn't be that difficult Murphy!" Rollins grabs Murphy by the beard as he shouts in his face, "APOLOGIZE!!" Rollins shoves Murphy back. Murphy heads back in and begins beating the hell out of Seth Rollins!

The beating spills over to the outside! Back and forth strikes between The Monday Night Messiah and the former disciple! They go around the ring, Rollins heads under the ring. Rollins returns with a kendo stick. Murphy disarms Rollins and begins striking Rollins with the kendo stick. Rollins returns to the ring. "Stop, you don't have to do this!" Rollins says. Murphy shouts, "Apologize!" Rollins says, "I'm sorry!" Murphy shouts, "Not to me!" Rollins says, "Aliyah, where ever you are.... I'm sor..." Murphy hits him again, "faster!" Rollins shouts, "I'm sorry. Aliyah, I'm sorry, you've done enough Murph. I'm sorry."

Murphy lets go of the kendo stick, Rollins jumps at Murphy and digs his fingers into the eyes of Murphy. Rollins then picks up the kendo stick and proceeds to relentlessly beat Murphy with the kendo stick until it breaks. Rollins exits the ring, then returns with a steel chair. Rollins heads back in.

Aliyah is now at Murphy's side with her hand in the air. "Stop! That's enough!" Aliyah exclaims. Dominik enters the ring, Rey and Angie follow close behind. All the Mysterios are inside the ring now. Dominik asks, "Are you serious? Are you kidding me??" Dominik and Aliyah exit the ring along with Rey and Angie. Aliyah looks back again.

Rollins smiles as he watches on the screen. Dominik says, "Think of what he's done to us, look at Dad's eye. What were you thinking?" The Mysterios head backstage.

Backstage - Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

We see the WWE RAW Women's Tag-Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler jaw jabbering backstage as we head to commercial break.

RAW Women's Tag-Team Title Match
Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan vs. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

We return from commercial break and commentary reminds that earlier in the evening Nia Jax put Lana through the announcer's table as the WWE RAW Women's Tag-Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler make their way down the ramp and enter the ring for tonight's title defense match up.

Out next are the Riott Squad members Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan who come in hyped up as they stop to pose on the apron. The two then enter the ring and all four women stare one another down as the match is officially announced as the women's tag-team championship match.

The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match-up is officially underway as each time chooses who will go in first. Nia Jax and Liv Morgan to start. Morgan and Riott with the early double team. Jax fights back as Riott is tagged in. She lands a rear view on Riott in the corner. Baszler asks for a tag.

Baszler with a pin attempt for two. Joint manipulation on the left arm of Riott followed by a stomp. Hammerlock on the arm of Riott now. Commentary putting over Riott’s history of shoulder injuries.

Baszler continues to target the left shoulder of Riott. She tags in Jax, who slams Riott into the apron on the outside. Commercial break.

Back live, Baszler continues to punish Riott. Riott gets a roll-up and manages to tag Morgan. Jax is tagged in, but Morgan runs wild on both women in opposite corners. Jax responds with a clothesline. Morgan goes for a sunset flip, but Jax lands a headbutt. Baszler tags in.

Baszler goes for a knee in the corner and misses. Riott is tagged in. She lands a DDT on Baszler and tags in Morgan, who hits a double stomp. Riott tagged back in. She goes for the Riott kick but misses. Jax bulldozes Morgan as Baszler lands a knee and synches in the kirifuda clutch for the win.

Winners and STILL RAW Women's Tag-Team Champions: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Backstage with the Street Profits

We head backstage where Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins condemn Orton for his actions against the Legends in the Legends Lounge last week on RAW. Drew McIntyre enters and states he's going to kick the crap out of Orton and then we head to commercial break!

Mustafa Ali vs. MVP

MVP makes his way to the ring first as he's accompanied by The Hurt Business members Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin

A Kick to the face of MVP sends him to ringside where The Hurt Business members check on MVP, then join him inside the ring. Ali is surrounded until the lights begin to flicker.

Retribution Enters!

The Hurt Business members take a step back as Retribution surrounds the ring! MVP asks Mustafa Ali if he is with them, Ali stands with them.

Ali exits the ring and looks in the face of the Retribution members as MVP claps. Ali then turns with a smile as he states, "Get them!" Face and T-bar attack The Hurt Business. Slap Jack on the outside taking Shelton Benjamin through the steel stairs. Lashley does his best, but it's a numbers game and he is taken into the steel post! Benjamin takes the steel stairs right to the face!

"This is RETRIBUTION!" Commentary states, "They are judge, jury, and executioner." Mustafa Ali climbs back into the ring as Retribution members nod to Ali who stands tall inside the ring, nodding to his Retribution members. They all enter the ring and stand behind Ali who just smiles and lifts his hand, exposing his palm, then closing it into a fist as we go to commercial break.

Video Package - WWE Draft

We return from commercial break to head into a video that hypes the WWE Draft set to begin this Friday on WWE Friday Night SmackDown and continue into next week's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW where 80 Superstars are up for potential brand exchange.

Main Event:
Dolph Ziggler, Robert Roode & Randy Orton vs The Street Profits & Drew McIntyre

Out first are are Randy Orton, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler as they all make their way to the ring. Out next are The Street Profits and Drew McIntyre. The referee signals for the bell for this main event match-up. The bell rings and we are officially underway as McIntyre and Roode enter the ring to start off the action! Orton distracts Drew as Dolph and Roode take advantage. Drew battles back, tossing both men outside the ring. Montez Ford then hits a terminator dive over the top as we head to commercial.

Back live, Ziggler and Angelo Dawkins are in the ring. Dawkins tags in Ford, who hits a dropkick, belly-to-back suplex and standing moonsault. Ziggler gets some reprieve and tags in Roode, who lands a vintage spine buster.

Orton tags in and throws Ford off the announce table. He stares down McIntyre and continues to work over Ford. Ford with a DDT. McIntyre and Ziggler are tagged in. McIntyre tosses Ziggler across the ring and turns his attention to Orton. He rips him over the top rope and lands punches, but Roode and Ziggler interfere.

McIntyre is backed into his corner as Dawkins makes a blind tag. McIntyre with a Glasgow kiss to Roode. Dawkins goes for the anointment but Ziggler reverses into a DDT. Ziggler tags in Orton, who hits a draping DDT. Orton goes for an RKO but Dawkins reverses into the anointment. He tags in Montez who lands a frog splash. Pin is broken up by Roode and Ziggler.

Ford hits Roode with an enziguiri, but Ziggler lands a fame-ass-er. McIntyre made a blind tag though and hits Ziggler with a claymore to the outside. Roode eats a claymore as well, but Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere for the three on McIntyre.

Winners: Orton, Ziggler and Roode

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