Lacey Evans Shocking Announcement On RAW

Lacey Evans has hinted around over the past several weeks, through a clever play on words, that she was getting more than "helpful tips" from The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. But after her surprise announcement on this week's RAW, not much is left to the imagination!

During the RAW Women's Tag-Team Match on the February 15, 2021 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, Lacey Evans entered the match with Peyton Royce against Asuka and tag-team partner Charlotte Flair with whom Evans has had a weeks long on-going feud. Though Evans and Royce ultimately lost the match, Evans still got the last laugh.

Adding fuel to the fire prior to the match, Evans made her way down the ramp as she stated she had been getting all of Charlotte's daddy's "sweet sweet knowledge" to which she quickly added that she had been, "really taking it all in!" Peyton Royce started the tag-team match in for her corner, the current WWE RAW Women's Champion Asuka in for the opposing team as the match got underway. Asuka was able to maintain control of the match for the most part, tagging in Flair who stated she wanted Evans to tag in, but she had to go back and forth with Royce instead. After being attacked by Charlotte by the announcer's table, Royce rolled back into the ring and as Evans was looking down at Ric, Royce quickly forced a tag to Evans hand as Charlotte had re-entered the ring.

Flair began to walk towards her opponent's corner, but Lacey (who was still on the apron outside of the ropes) stepped back as she pleaded with Flair to just wait. Evans slowly walked backwards down the steel stairs as Flair attempted to get through the ropes to go after Evans but was stopped by the referee. Evans continued slowly walking backwards up the ramp as the referee began the count. Evans was mid-way up the ramp when she finally stopped and grabbing a microphone.

"Charlotte... you're not putting your hands on me," Evans exclaimed as she put her hand on her stomach and added, "I'M PREGNANT!"

Charlotte's face quickly switched from rage to complete confusion as she stood inside the ring, stunned. The Nature Boy, who was already standing in front of Evans on the ramp to block her and protect her, suddenly turned around and mouthed, "What?? Really?" Evans then responded with a nod which sent an ear-to-ear smiling Ric Flair into his signature head down, index fingers up strut as he shouted, "WOOOO!" Evans smiled on as Flair walked back towards her and stated, "Call me Daddy! Just call me Daddy!" which implies he was responsible for Evans current state.

Charlotte Flair's Recent RAW Return/Lacey Evans Initiates On-Going Feud

Lacey Evans (alongside her new RAW confidant, Ric Flair) has taunted and toyed with The Queen, Charlotte Flair. For the last several weeks as Evans quickly got closer and closer to Charlotte's father and WWE Legend, The Nature Boy Ric Flair, Charlotte's anger continued to rise more and more with each new encounter. What started with minor flirting quickly rose to full-on seduction as Evans was able to get The Nature Boy to betray his own daughter, and it led to some notable losses.

Charlotte, who recently returned to Monday Night RAW after an extended absence, wanted nothing to do with the awkward pair. In late June 2020, Flair was written off television for an unspecified amount of time, with a kayfabe arm injury. After being attacked backstage by Nia Jax, the "arm surgery" announcement was made on commentary during a taping, this allowed Flair time off television to undergo actual surgery on her breast implants.

A mere six months later in December of 2020, Charlotte Flair made a surprise return at the WWE pay-per-view event, WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs 2020 where Flair's music sounded as fans and the current champions awaited the surprise tag-team partner reveal as Asuka awaited her partner inside the ring. They went on to defeat Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, to gain the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championship titles.

Flair and Asuka then lost the WWE Women's Tag-Team titles after an interference from Flair's own father, Ric Flair, along with Lacey Evans. This started the continuous match interruptions by Evans and Ric Flair, taunting by Evans, and backstage interviews confirming their "work" together. The Queen took it to Evans every chance she got, even confronting her in the "Flair Dressing Room" after catching The Nature Boy, eh-hem... "coaching" Evans behind the closed door.

02/15 Announcement Counters Evans And Nature Boy's Original Claim

On the February 8th episode of RAW as he and Evans stood inside the ring, Flair stated that Evans already had the physical qualifications and drive to be a star. According to Ric, Lacey was receiving nothing more than his "Wisdom, Motivation, and Knowledge" and he was informing Asuka that "they" were coming for the WWE RAW Women's Champion, Woo! Evans then got on the mic and informed the "Nasties" in the audience that thought they knew what was going on between her and Ric, simply had no idea. She stated she had respect for Ric, unlike his daughter and was not trying to take "Char-Char's" place. Evans concluded that "to be the best, you need to learn from the best".

What Happens Now??

Clearly if Evans is indeed with child, she will NOT be cleared to compete at this Sunday's WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 pay-per-view event in the WWE RAW Women's Champion Asuka vs. Lacey Evans match for the title, as Evans will not be medically cleared to do so. So that leaves the competitor spot for the RAW Women's title open. Details will be updated as they are made available.

As for any follow-up statements after Lacey Evans's big announcement, well, Evans said it best: