WWE "Raw Talk" Recap: The Hurt Business, Sheamus, Nia Jax, And Shayna Baszler Talk

Hello again everyone, and welcome back to the WWE Raw Talk Recap! The show is hosted by Charly Caruso and R-Truth, and they will be joined by three guests today! The guests are The Hurt Business, Nia Jax with Shayna Baszler, and Sheamus. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, it’s time to talk!

Charly kicks off the show by welcoming us back to the ThunderDome, and introducing her co-host, former 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. Truth is dejected after losing his championship to Tozawa, and eventually Bad Bunny. Truth then begins to talk about “DP”, which is Damian Priest. Charly tells Truth she loves DP, and he makes it clear that he’s talking about wrestling. A replay of the title change is aired, and Charly talks about how famous the 24/7 championship may become, around the waist of Bad Bunny. A replay of the gauntlet match rolls, and Charly talks about Kofi Kingston being added to the upcoming WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match. The hosts wonder who might come away from that match victorious, and make a few predictions, before Charly brings on the nights first guest, The Hurt Business.

The Hurt Business

MVP walks to the desk on crutches, and he tells Charly he feels “spectacular”. P tells Charly he is “to hard for the game”, and he “works through injuries”. MVP claims that he cost his team the victory tonight, but there “is not a man alive” who can defeat Lashley one-on-one. Charly stops him there, and reminds MVP that the match on Sunday is a triple-threat. P wonders if Keith Lee will even be there on Sunday, and Charly can’t confirm or deny it. P and Charly bicker about journalistic skills, and Truth tells both “Keith gone be there”. MVP begins to talk about Riddle, and runs him down, before wondering “what’s going to be different this time”. Charly asks Bobby for any comments he may have, and P says “he’s a man of few words”. MVP closes by saying that his prediction is “pain”, and they walk away. Charly thanks both of them for joining the show, and brings out the next guests “The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax

“My hole”! Couldn’t resist, anyways... Truth whips out one of those hemorrhoid cushions for Nia, and Charly tells him she thinks the joke is “a hole in one”. Charly tells Baszler and Jax they are going to have “a hole lot of fun”, together and Truth mentions that the guests have “a hole lot of attitude”. They stop fooling around for a second, and Charly asks about Nia’s “injuries”. Nia calls Charly a “fake ass Geraldo Rivera”, and Truth asks Shayna an odd question... “if you could be a fish, what fish would you be”. Shayna tells him “northern pike”, and runs down Truth, while talking about defending their titles across all three brands. Charly asks them about Raquel Gonzales and Dakota Kai, and the champs congratulate them on “winning the freshman tournament”. Truth then wonders if that northern pike is “grilled or smothered”, so the champs get up and leave. After they go, the final guest of the night makes his way to the desk.


Sheamus is dripping with confidence after his big win on Raw, and tells the hosts he is feeling “vindicated”. Sheamus recaps his friendship with Drew McIntyre, and seems hurt that Drew never thanked him for helping. The Irishman talks about the past 12 months, calling himself “the best” in WWE during that period. Sheamus says he and Drew were supposed to “go out there and tear it down” together but WWE Officials made it a chamber match. Sheamus says he will brogue kick Drew “week after week” if he has to, if that what it takes to go one-on-one at Wrestlemania. Sheamus hopes Drew keeps a focus on him, because he “will be WWE Champion and be back where I belong”. Sheamus rants about Drew, saying the champion “forgets where he came from, and forgets who helped ya”, and storms off. The hosts show one last graphic for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks edition of the Raw Talk Recap! Join me right here next Tuesday, for an all new edition of the recap, right here on Rajah.Com!