Lex Luger Says He Might Try To Walk On Stage If He Gets Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE legend Lex Luger recently spoke with Sports Illustrated on a number of topics such as how despite having mobility issues due to problems from his spinal cord, he is still in great health and he still can walk a little bit even though he uses a wheelchair or a walker.

Lex Luger said:

"It’s mind-boggling. I’m in phenomenal health." "Other than my mobility issues from my spinal cord issue, I’m very healthy, and that’s a miracle of God after what I put my body through. I usually use a wheelchair or a walker, but I can walk some."

Lex Luger also talked about how he might try to get up from his wheelchair and walk on stage if he is inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as that honor would be the cherry on top of his career.

Lex Luger said:

"I might pop out of the chair for that. I would take that chance, if that moment comes. That honor would be the cherry on top of my career."

Luger suffered a nerve impingement in his neck in 2007, which has led to him suffering from paralysis as well. Luger has worked as an ambassador for the WWE in recent years and a new episode of Biography WWE legends is set to air on A&E this coming Sunday featuring The Total Package.

You can check out Lex Luger's comments at this link.